The #1 Reason Your Customers May Be Walking Instead of Buying

Lisa Larter - The #1 Reason Customers May Be Walking Instead of Buying

It happens in shops all across North America and even around the world. You see it so often that it seems as if ignoring customers has become the new way to provide customer service.

That’s NOT the case!

Think about the last time you went into a clothing or shoe store. What was your experience like?


  • Did someone greet you warmly, welcome you to the shop and ask if they could help you?
  • Did they offer to take any items you were carrying around the store to the front for you so you wouldn’t have to lug them around the store?
  • Did they let you know what was on sale or what was new?


Now, think about your business. What kind of service are you giving your customers?

Whether online or in a retail setting, customer service means everything. It is more than just a polite smile or “how are you?”

Customer service is as much a part of your brand as your logo. It is what creates a perception of your business in the mind of your customer. If you aren’t doing as well in your business as you’d like, it’s time to take a closer look at how you and your team represent your business. Are you causing customers to walk instead of buy?

This week’s Shop Talk has a great example and some tips for you.

And don’t think that service only matters in a bricks and mortar store! For more info on meeting your customers’ service expectations online get started with 5 Ways to Make Money Online for free today!

So, what about you? Will poor service cause you to walk and not buy? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “The #1 Reason Your Customers May Be Walking Instead of Buying”

  1. I am pretty forgiving but when I have had horrendous experience, I for sure tell people my story. One even made me drop my patronage 100% and seek an online solution from a supplier in Montreal. It worked out to be fantastic choice. I am disappointed to this day though that this little local business, that we frequented often and sent people to dropped the ball so flagrantly with us because I do love to celebrate local efforts. I do not hesitate to share this experience either.

  2. In general, I’ve received pretty good customer service over the years in retail, most of the time the salespeople at least make eye contact, and say “hi”. With 10 years of retail experience myself, I was well trained to at least make eye contact, and know “can I help you?” is not necessarily the first thing people want to hear when they walk in the dooor, especially in a sales environment, because generally, the answer is “I’m just browsing”. I find it’s great if someone just makes eye contact, and says hi, how are you, and speaks to me about anything except what they are trying to sell (the weather, hockey game, etc.).

    My two cents :o)

  3. I have totally walked out on a huge purchase because nobody bothered to say hello. I’m also a bit fanatical about not buying things if I cannot easily see the price tag.

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