Stop Wasting Your Valuable Resources

Are you wasting your valuable resources? This week, I had a valuable conversation with a client about turkey. Stay with me on this, I promise you’ll be enlightened…

Would you ever go to the grocery store, buy the largest turkey they have, cook the turkey and all the fixings, serve yourself one plate – and then throw the rest away?

Of course not. That would be wasteful.Stop wasting your valuable resources, by Lisa Larter

That’s essentially what you do when you create an amazing video and share it once, write a stellar blog and forget about it or create an online program and sell it one time. You’re throwing away the leftovers. And leftovers (if you like turkey), are often better than the main dish.

In an effort to practice what I teach, I want to share 3 blogs I previously created that are still incredibly valuable for you.

The goal is not to always be creating new stuff. The goal is to get what you already have in front of as many new people as possible.

Stop wasting your leftovers.

1. One Simple Way To Get Back More Time

Read this if you find yourself swamped by your never-ending to-do list. You’ll learn which tasks you should permanently ditch, and how to eliminate the repetitive ones. Time is your only non-renewable asset – you need to manage it wisely.

2. The Art Of Content Repurposing

For a step-by-step guide and some ideas on how to re-purpose your content in different ways, read this. What you put out there is valuable, and you should be creating a content plan to serve your clients and audience well.

3. Rapid Content Creation

Ever feel like you don’t have enough time to create content or don’t know what to say? Read this blog. In it, you’ll learn two quick exercises that will generate at least three months of content in under 30 minutes.

PS: One other way to leverage your resources is to share other people’s content. In the spirit of doing that too, here’s a podcast I was recently on with Deb Zahn.

Which resource was most helpful to you today?


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