Shop Talk – Stop Acting Like You Have a Job

This time next week will be the last month of the year. Are you ready?

Before you know it, you will be turning the page on your new calendar and I want you to be ready to take on 2013 with a focus on yourself and your business.

As you start thinking about your plans for the New Year, take a moment and STOP.

When exactly are you planning to take some time for yourself in 2013?

When are you going to refuel and reset so that you can meet your new objectives with the energy and new ideas that they deserve?

You didn’t start this business to buy yourself a job — make next year better for you.

Tune into a message I recorded for Shop Talk the last time I took a week off and went to my cottage in Nova Scotia.


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  1. I have to admit I am terrible for this. Last month I took 4 days off work and it had been the first time I had taken anytime off all year !!…I am in the process of swapping businesses but I am taking 2 weeks off at christmas and will be using your sound advice for my new business in the new year …Thank you Lisa xx :) xx

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