Shop Talk – Linking Your Facebook Page to Twitter – How to and Should You?

*Please note that because this is a screen capture, the resolution will not be as high as with some of my other Shop Talk videos. Opening the video in Youtube and ensuring you are watching at the highest resolution will allow you to view the text on the websites I show within the video better.

This week I received a wonderful question from my friend and fellow Canadian, Gayle Friend.

I decided after hearing her question, that it was something I should share with everyone. The question was, “I see all kinds of people Tweeting and I notice that there’s a link that has an fb.somethingsomething attached to it and it would appear that their Tweets are all coming from Facebook. Can you tell me how to set that up?”

In answer to Gayle’s question, I can absolutely show you how to set that up and I will do so in today’s shop talk. But I’m not going to stop there!

You see, this isn’t the type of thing that’s right for every business. I’m going to explain to you what is happening when you see these links, go over how to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts and discuss why you may want to stay away from automating your tweets or posts.

At the end of this week’s video I have a couple of questions for you so don’t miss them! You can leave your answers in the comments below!

1. Do you like this format where you get to see a little bit of me talking to you and also see right on the screen how to do things?

2. What are your comments, feedback and ideas about connecting and automating your accounts?


18 thoughts on “Shop Talk – Linking Your Facebook Page to Twitter – How to and Should You?”

  1. Good morning Lisa, as always very useful information. I completely agree that if you aren’t there, you aren’t being “social”. It seems like a daunting task to stay on top of all your different platforms though and I think that’s why people do it. If you set up a daily schedule, you can reduce the amount of time without compromising your efforts. Just my thoughts. Thanks again for the great information

    1. Totally agree, planning time or creating a schedule is a great way to to do this. I personally prefer to use a content sharing schedule to drive traffic to my site, and to build my list and then I use my mobile phone to connect via apps throughout the day for the personal engagement.

  2. I am just starting in business and find your various forms of information very useful. I like all your styles – newsletter, emails, video’s both with you and the demonstrations. Not sure how I found you, could have been through my college course while doing my various papers. Still have not figured out all the various types of ways to reach out to the business world.

    1. Thank you Linda, there are lots of ways to reach out to the business world. Hopefully Shop Talk helps you learn bits and pieces each week that can help.

  3. Hi Lisa – I do like the new format for subjects that are technical in nature. I agree that the conversation should be active rather than passive but I wonder if the ability to connect the various apps is based in part of this whole notion that one can take shortcuts as one is too busy to be everywhere (I call it communication in “bits”). I liked your earlier comment that users need to pick a platform to build the realtionships for friendship, business etc. Users have to understand that being part of the rat race may get you somewhere but not on top. Have a good week in the sun.

    1. Thank you Patricia, agree, I would rather be completely absent than send a message that I am not interested. I have a client who has her profile set up to say – “come connect on Facebook” – this allows her to set expectations up front that Twitter is not where she spends the bulk of her time. Everyone is busy and we are all trying to learn how to use new technology and adopt the technology to help us build relationships – not an easy thing to do!

  4. Thanks Lisa, this was very enlightening. I have them linked through Hootsuite and now I am re-thinking this. While automating my posts for Facebook is perfectly fine (as I post tips and strategies for working with the law of attraction), I also interact very frequently throughout the day with my audience. I am fairly new to Twitter and just starting to build a following there so I think I should create a few live tweets throughout the day rather than automating those as I am not as active on twitter as I am on Facebook. Nice tan! (and I like your format too). Namaste,

    1. Namaste! If your Facebook posts are under 140 characters you can link and it can be effective, it’s once you go over 140 that you get the fb. link and then people tend to ignore your post – especially on mobile where the link takes you to a web browser instead of your Facebook app.

  5. Hey Lisa,

    I love this new format! Having a little bit of writing with you helps me quickly get an overview of what I can expect from the video.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Rob, I found a better screen capture software today which I can’t wait to try out for next week! Appreciate your feedback!

  6. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for sharing the insights on this. I do have my facebook page connected to twitter, mainly because I am trying to build our main community on facebook. My thinking is to actually get my followers to visit the facebook page. This post puts a totally different perspective on this so I might have to rethink my strategy.

    In my case, the posts usually will go past the 140 characters so they will end up with the fb link, which I thought was great to attract my twitter followers to the facebook community page. Did I just repeat myself?

    I believe many businesses are in fact automating their social media posts, for example when they use hootsuite. As we know we can even schedule when and where our posts will be published with tools like this and we are not necessarily there when they do. Hasn’t this been the reason for hootsuite’s success?

    I usually have all of my accounts open and also linked to one email address, so if anyone responds to any of my posts, I am notified immediately and can go back to interact.

    Anyhow, my initial approach was: twitter -> fb -> my website. Maybe I’m making it too difficult? What do you think?

  7. Thank you – I do really like this format, and this was a great video! I understand how people feel about being “present” -just like in “real” life!!! Can u do a video about the different platforms for automating tweets and what people think are the best one’s including auto responders for new twitter followers – I wonder what people think about autoreponses!

    1. Great idea for Shop Talk, thank you! Yes, I can do this. I have asked the auto responder question many times… people hate them!

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