Seven Ways To Add Some Spice to Your Facebook Page

Rejuvenate Your Facebook PageRecently I was working with a client and we took a good hard look at their Facebook page. It wasn’t long before we realized, it needed some help! Numbers had stalled from one month to the next and it was time to either give up or dig in.

We, of course, decided to roll up our sleeves and dig in with a critical eye, intent on finding solutions to help us. I thought that how we approached this problem just might help you too.  So, I decided to share!

Here are seven things you can do to rejuvenate your page.

  1. Take a good hard look at your content.  Has it gotten boring? Sometimes when we are working on a page we get soft on ideas.  This is where creating a strong content plan to guide you on the types of things you want to talk about makes a big difference.  Be proactive in how you share content, not reactive.  Also be sure to change it up. If all you ever post are links, add some photos, videos, and be sure to share content from other pages.
  2. Invite friends to like your page on a regular basis. For many people, this is a one time thing that they do when they set up their page but reality is we accept new friend requests each week.  Set up a time in your calendar each week to remind yourself to send out invites.  You can tell who has and has not been invited recently by whether or not their images are grayed out.
  3. Try out a Facebook Ad to get more likes.  You can advertise for a small amount of money each day to get more visibility on your page.  Try a like ad to start with if you want to boost likes and be sure to narrow down a target audience for your market.  Make sure you set a time for your ad to run, Facebook sets the default to run continuous.
  4. Once you have the option to run a promoted post, you can also experiment with these to get more people to see your post and learn about your page.  The great thing about promoted posts is you can share with people who like your page or you can make your post visible to friends of people who like your page.
  5. Use good images on your page. Often we go crazy sharing links and we end up with all these little thumbnail images. Try using a full size image and a shorter link in your copy attached to the image. This makes your page look much nicer.
  6. Consider a Facebook Contest. Be sure to check Facebook Promotions Guidelines (otherwise known as RULES) before you set up your contest.  This can be a good and fun way to engage your audience, stimulate engagement and attract new people.
  7. Update your cover image with something fresh and new, maybe even your profile image on your page. Sometimes changes like this capture attention in the news feed and get people engaged with you again!

It really doesn’t take a lot to freshen up your page. Just a few adjustments and you’ll find you can capture the attention of new prospects as well as wake up the fans you already have.

Have you recently updated your page and want to share? Go ahead! I love to see new or updated pages in the comments below!


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