7 Simple Steps to Creating Great Content


Content is the secret sauce, the missing ingredient when it comes to most people’s social media strategy.

If you are trying to turn connections into leads, and leads into customers, content is the number one way for you to establish credibility and increase awareness, visibility and engagement in your business.  If people do not know you, like you and trust you, they won’t do business with you.

Your content is the best way for people to learn about you online because, let’s face it, most people Google you and check out the content on your website before they make their first point of contact.

In The Content Pilot, you learn in a simple step-by-step process how to create, curate and share content to drive traffic and get more sales.

Why should you spend so much time and effort on content? Because content is what people interact with on social media. It is the first impression they get of you when they land on your website and it is the key to building your list so that you can increase sales.

Most people overlook content because it feels overwhelming.

Some of the challenges you might face are:

“I don’t know what to say.”
“Why would anyone want to read my blog.”
“How can I make it more interesting and of value to people?”
“What should I write about, when should I write it and how do I get people to know I exist?”

The best way to approach this is with a plan.

Here are Seven Simple Steps to Turn One Piece of Content Into Five:

  1. Make a list of 10 questions clients ask you about your business.
  2. Have someone interview you and ask you those questions, and be sure to record the interview. Your first piece of content is a recording of the interview.
  3. Send the recording to someone and have it transcribed.
  4. Have the entire transcription edited into a special report or eBook and offer it as a piece of premium content in exchange for an email address so you can build your list.  Be sure to brand it nicely so you make a great first impression (I like KillerCovers for this). This is your second piece of content.
  5. Next, take the transcription and break it into ten sections based on the ten questions you started with. Now, you have ten blog posts or a ten-day training program you can set up as a free offer. This is your third piece of content and allows you to get into your potential customer’s inbox ten days or weeks in a row – which is kind of awesome, right?
  6. Then take the content, open up a PowerPoint presentation and create slides for each chunk of content. Use this as the basis for a free webinar offer where you basically read your transcript and walk others through your presentation. This would be your fourth piece of content.
  7. Record the webinar using some type of screencast software (Camtasia, QuickTime Player Pro, etc.) and offer a recording that people can download and watch on their own. This is piece of content number five.
  8. Bonus, take a highlighter and go through the content and pull out quotes and or tweets you can use as sound bites on social media.

Do you ever wonder how some people have created so much success online and wish you could do the same?

CONTENT is the strategy behind online success.  Your content is the secret sauce to creating online success. <—Click to Tweet

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by creating content, go to www.lisalarter.com/contentgift and download this free ebook to get started creating your content plan.

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And, check out this Shop Talk Video on 3 Simple Ways to Get Started Doing Content in Your Business:


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    1. I like to think about all the different ways people prefer to learn – some are visual, some like to read, others like to listen…. You can cater one piece of content to all three.

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