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The Secret Formula to Get Clear on What You Really Want

The law of attraction tells you that you get more of what you focus your attention on.

If this is true…

How do you go from being stuck to creating a life you desire? Share on X

It is shockingly easy to do.

Step One:
Get a piece of paper and draw a line down the centre. Label one side “Don’t” and the other side “Want”.

Step Two:
On the side that says, “Don’t” make a list of everything you don’t want anymore. For me it was things like this:

– Don’t want to speak to sell.
– Don’t want to do big Internet launches to sell stuff.
– Don’t want to travel all the time.
– Don’t want to work this hard.
– Don’t want to work as much.

Step Three:
On the side that says, “Want” turn all of your don’ts into what you want. For me it was like this:

– Want to speak to teach, inspire, and get paid to do it.
– Want people to buy my training programs because they speak for themselves and for the marketing to be easy and effortless.
– Want to travel once a month for a maximum of three days for business.
– Want my work to be joyful and easy.
– Want to work four days a week and take a month off every year to travel someplace new.

Step Four:
Take a good look at what you want and figure out how you can make this your reality. Let me give you one example for me:

I don’t want to speak to sell. I want to speak to teach, inspire and get paid to do it.

The first thing that will happen is a big organization will reach out and ask me to speak and sell from the stage. It will be a great “opportunity” for me. I need to be prepared to say no to what I don’t want in order to create space for what I do want.

Next, I will need to figure out how to get paid to speak more often. Here are some things I can do:

⇒ Beef up my speaker profile online and add clips of me speaking
⇒ Use YouTube more to speak to people through video
⇒ Go out to Speakers Bureaus and get my name listed through their services
⇒ Reach out to organizations that might be hiring or who have a different model for speakers
⇒ Identify other ways to earn revenue when I speak without selling from the stage (list building, back of the room sales, having someone else pitch my product/service)

Step Five:
Take action and do something to align yourself with what you want because when you take action, energy changes and so do the things that show up in your life.

If you are really ready to live life your way and you want to see big change happen, taking action is the most important step.

Please leave a comment below. Share with me what one thing you don’t want anymore, how you will turn it into a want, and one action you will take this week.

You can do this, if you really WANT to.


6 thoughts on “The Secret Formula to Get Clear on What You Really Want”

  1. One thing I love about you Lisa is your incredible ability to see a situation clearly. You see through all the excuses, himmming and haaing, to the core of what a person wants and what they need to do to get there. No excuses.

    What I don’t want:
    to argue and clash wits with my 16 year old

    What I do want:
    to peacefully state my disappointment/opinion, the consequence of his action and walk away in silence (oh, that would feel so good:)

  2. How refreshing that you share your own story to make it even impactful! I don’t want to give any more hands on aesthetic services anymore. I want to teach salon/spa owners & employees how to blend their service skills with business training so they too can have successful & fulfilling careers (rather than burned out and broke like most of them are). My action step this week: following up on 2 warm leads & confirming a speaking gig at a conference that happens in February.

  3. Thank you all for sharing!

    Sandra, I completely agree. This is something every single business owner should do. It’s amazing what becomes clear when you really focus on what you want.

  4. Such a great post. I have recently done something similar and realized I was holding myself back because of what others would say Or that I would not be following what the “gurus” say is best business practice. Phooey! I kicked all that out and started to follow my heart. More business has come my way since I cleared the way for me to be my authentic self!!

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