Right or Wrong – Why Did You Go Into Business?


Every business or life coach in the world will talk to you about your why. That all encompassing reason that drives you to do what you do and make the choices you make.

You have a “why” for everything you do and one of the most important ones has to be why you went into business.

We are all motivated by different things but there is one major wrong reason. Money.

If your whole reason for going into business is to get rich, you will find yourself constantly chasing the money and not caring about the quality of your product or service. Your customers will see and feel this and choose to do business elsewhere .

And, one day you’ll find that while you were chasing the money, you missed out on some really great relationships that could have had a huge impact on your life and business. <—Click to Tweet

In this week’s Shop Talk I share more about the right vs. wrong reasons for going into your business. Watch the video then tell me:

What was your #1 motivating factor for starting your business?

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2 thoughts on “Right or Wrong – Why Did You Go Into Business?”

  1. I got into business to rid women of being unhappy,in careers they hate,broke and in poor mental and physical health by starting young to learn the tools to prevent these issues.

  2. I got into business because I’m passionate about sports psychology and know the difference it can make in an athlete’s life 🙂

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