Relationship Networking – A Must Read for Anyone in Business

Relationship Networking: The Art of Turning Contacts into Connections

Relationship Networking Sandra Yancey - Lisa Larter


Sandra Yancey is quite the trailblazer. She wrote a book many years ago that is a must read if Networking and Relationships are important to you and your business. The thing that I love about Sandra though is she more than talks the talk when it comes to networking. She walks the walk. Sandra has been a hugely supportive influence and mentor to me and I am grateful for her wisdom and the knowledge that she is one of my connections.

I’ve learned tons from her and put it all and more into use when preparing for any face-to-face networking event (click here to find out how)!

From “Powerful people get things done – and those with thriving networks know who to call to make things happen. Networking master Sandra Yancey shares secrets and techniques behind her own phenomenal success to help women use their natural relationship-building talents to turn everyday contacts into powerful business and life connections. Hone the art of female conversation, discover an attitude of abundance, create a magnetic business presence, master the 20-second introduction, and turn your interactions into transactions.” 


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