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Regret is Rarely About Saying Yes

Regret is rarely about saying yes to the things we want in life.

Normally, regret is tied to the things you chose not to do. It is reserved for those times you let fear and resistance pave the path for your future.

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Recently, inside of my coach’s community, I witnessed something remarkable.

Someone asked a question to the other members about when they made “the big move?” As in, when did you quit your job and start a business?

People started sharing their individual stories and describing the specific event or defining moment that was the catalyst for making the decision to start their business. In all of their stories, there was one commonality that showed up again and again.Time running out

People said their only regret was they didn’t start sooner.

They regretted not leaving their job earlier in life.

They regretted not investing in working with a coach earlier on in their business so they could have made stronger, better choices and decisions based on someone else’s experience.

They regretted not investing in themselves and taking risks sooner because they were afraid things wouldn’t work out.

They regretted not raising their fees because they were afraid they’d lose business.

Everything that these very successful consultants regretted wasn’t tied to something they did, but rather something they didn’t do.

I can relate to every single one of these things. 

Where do you want your life to be 5 years from now? Is every decision you’re making driven by fear or are you driven by the belief that you can get there?

I shared a story on Facebook about giving my keys back to my landlord for my office in Annapolis Royal. I am officially location independent again. My office is now back in my home and my office companions have four legs and play with squeaky toys.

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When I went into that office space in Annapolis Royal I had big hopes and dreams. I wanted to turn it into a co-working space and innovation center. I wanted to work with entrepreneurs who wanted to start businesses and I wanted to make this big difference where I live but…it didn’t seem like anybody else was really interested.

I don’t regret the decision I made to have my office there for the last few years because I have lots of great memories from that space, I met lots of great people, and I held retreats, masterminds, and workshops.

We rarely regret the things that we do that don’t turn out the way we hoped, but we always regret not doing the things that we really, really want.

I want to challenge you to think about what it is that you’re waiting for and STOP waiting for the thing that you think you need to have, to go after what you really desire.Starting Line

Is money that block for you?

We all have ways to generate income when we need to. You need to invest in yourself and if you can’t afford to invest in yourself you’ll probably never be able to. I couldn’t afford to invest in myself the first time I bought a program or hired a coach. I did it because I knew that there would be a positive ROI if I took action. With that said, the program can’t act for you and the coach can’t act for you. Only YOU can take action once you’ve made the investment.

THIS is really important: You need to change your mindset to HOW CAN I? How can I generate the money that I need to be able to do this? How can I build up my confidence and my courage so that I can live a fuller life? You are only guaranteed today, and you’re not even guaranteed all of it. So stop waiting for something to happen to give yourself permission to do whatever it is you desire. Sit down today and think about what that thing is that you keep saying someday about. Figure out how can you make today someday, because today is someday and there’s no point in waiting.

It is never too late to start down the path of having what you want.

Leave a comment and let me know, what is your how can I?


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