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So You Think You Need a Business Coach?

Are you ready? I mean are you really ready to do the work?

There is a false belief out there that hiring a business coach is going to change everything. Nothing changes until you change so my question remains the same…

Are you ready?

Are you ready to get clear about what you really, really want?

Are you ready to treat your business like a business and look at the measurements of success?

Are you ready to move outside of your comfort zone and do things differently?

Are you ready to take action even when you are scared of failure?

At the risk of sounding bossy, you should probably know what I look for in a coaching relationship before we go any further.

  1. You must be results oriented and prepared to look at your numbers. Seriously, excuse makers need not apply. This is about people who are ready to get out of their own way and embrace the metrics that are your business.
  2. You need to ditch the “Wish I could” mantra and come with a positive attitude, willingness and belief that you can do this. I will help you but you need to be willing to work on your own mindset – trust me because I will call you on the crap that is holding you back!
  3. You’ve gotta be an Action Jackson – someone who is ready to do the work and is prepared to get comfortable being uncomfortable in order to grow your business.
I don’t want to work with you if you aren’t going to implement any of the things we talk about.
I want to celebrate with you when you accomplish some of the same goals my existing clients have reached – quadrupling their business in six months, or breaking the $500K mark for the first time ever. Success stories like this happen when you are ready to do things differently.

There are two ways you can work with me.

Group Coaching

Do you want more accountability and a faster path to results? Are you craving community and the ability to laser focus on your business and get answers to your most challenging problems? Group coaching might be perfect for you.

Private Coaching

Your know your business needs are unique and you want highly focused 1-1 attention with the potential to tap into a mastermind community as you grow your business long term. You want strategic planning and a coach you can access for support anytime you need help.

Want to know where you should start?

Send me an email and answer these three questions:

  1. Is your business in start up or have you been around a while? Tell me a bit about your situation.
  2. What is one hot, burning issue in your business right now you would like solved?
  3. What three goals would you like to accomplish when we work together for six or twelve months?

You can message me at and I will respond personally, and if it makes sense, we can schedule a quick call to chat further about your needs.

“I hired Lisa as a consultant for my business. Lisa has the amazing ability to make you re-assess your business with the end in mind. She is an entrepreneur who really thinks outside of the box and can help you bring your business to the next level! I strongly recommend Lisa if you want to grow and expend your business.”

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp

“If there’s one thing Lisa Larter understands, it’s BUSINESS. If there’s one thing Lisa Larter does, it’s DELIVER. Within minutes, she can hone in on the problem, map out your solution, and get you results like you never imagined. In fact, one little tip she gave me in my business resulted in $35,000 the very next week. But, that’s not the best part. The best part is that she is 100% committed to your success. When Lisa’s on your team, you become a stronger better entrepreneur. Nuff said!”

Christine Kane