Recognize Resistance

You have a creative idea that you can’t wait to start on. For me, it’s a book.

The possibilities for success are endless and you feel invigorated and inspired by the work you are about to do. You start. You make lists. You cross things off your lists and, for the first little while, you give it your all.

You tell everyone what you are doing. Your excitement continues to build.

You can see your future and it is lovely.

Suddenly the end is near! You can see the finish line in sight.

Instead of being inspired to keep going; you want to quit.

The voices in your head question your value, the project’s value, and whether it will really be a success. You realize you are afraid of failing, and maybe even more afraid of success.

What if….

What if things go horribly wrong after all that work? What will people think? How will you face them?

What if things go incredibly well and suddenly you are busier than you imagined and you have a crazy abundance of opportunity at your door?

Either way…

The fear of both success and failure brings up resistance that can paralyze you. <— CLICK TO TWEET

Steven Pressfield writes about resistance in his book, “The War of Art”.

If it weren’t for his book, I am not sure I would have recognized resistance in myself.

My book was almost done.

I sat in front of my computer and it took me 45 minutes to edit three pages. I would float between Facebook, email and editing. I would check Skype and text messages on my iPhone…

This is procrastination on steroids.



Fear that no one will buy the book.
Fear that people will say it isn’t good.
Fear that I won’t be able to get any media attention.
Fear that people will criticize my ideas.

The list is long and I can rationalize how irrational my fears are but the truth is they are there.

Part of me is afraid to share this with you too. Here I am a “leader” who has a “successful” business and I am “afraid” that my book won’t be a success.

I share because I want you to know the truth. You are not alone in your fears. We all have them.

When you recognize your fear for what it is, resistance, you can go to battle and win the fight against resistance. <— TWEET THIS

I wanted and needed to play during the upcoming weekend. I negotiated what work would get done now, and what would get done later.

The important thing is, I did some work.

Action creates momentum.

Resistance would like for you to completely stop taking action and the only way to beat it is to take some type of action.

I knew that one page of edits per day would eventually complete my book. It may have taken longer than I anticipated but by forcing myself to do one page a day – it eventually got done.

Here’s the magic. When I started and I committed to doing one page, I ended up doing five or ten because action creates momentum.

Don’t give in to your resistance. Commit to taking action
even if it is a small bit of action. <— TWEET THIS!

As long as you do something, resistance won’t win.

What are you putting off and resisting in your business right now? Is it numbers, product launches, sales, the tough conversations with clients or your team?

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10 thoughts on “Recognize Resistance”

  1. Lisa,
    Great post! After working with many solopreneurs, procrastination is the greatest enemy to them. These days there are so many distractions that make staying on course really difficult, so finding techniques to manage this is critical. My trick is to time block my day. Each day make my biggest “fear” task the first one or two I work on (and I set a time limit to complete them), before I turn on my phone, before I check emails or any of the non-relevant programs on my computer. Once I’ve completed those then I turn on my phone, check email and other social media sites (again I set a time limit). When I do this, it builds my confidence to finish the rest of my scheduled tasks for the day. I also keep an hour buffer in my day that I have scheduled for work but don’t have anything assigned for it. So I guess what helps me is to have the first hour or two of the day as “focus time” and the rest of the day scheduled to keep me on track. Love your newsletters.

  2. Go Lisa! I can’t WAIT to read your book! Thanks for the awesome reminder – I have a project that is 95% finished and I have been resisting. All the same reasons. I have been doing a little bit each day, so it will get done, but I still beat myself up about missing the main deadline. It will get done! Thanks again for all you do to inspire me.

  3. Wow glad to know that I am not the only one who thinks like that. Thanks for being honest and publishing this. Now that motivates me

  4. Go Lisa! You are awesome and your book will be fantastic! I can’t wait to read it! I’m done quite a few things to 95%.. Today you’ve inspired me to hit the 100% done mark. Here goes… XO

  5. Go Lisa! You are awesome and your book will be fantastic! I can’t wait to read it! I’m done quite a few things to 95%.. Today you’ve inspired me to hit the 100% done mark. Here goes… XO

  6. I feel that it’s moer a problem from women including myself that we don’t want to put out whatever our project is unless it’s PERFECT. Precrastination is the symptom.

  7. I love your honest writing Lisa and look forward to receiving your newsletters. And I’m going to love your book. As are many!
    We can be patient though because we believe in you.
    I’m going to read “The War of Art” now. Thank you again for the recommendation. Sounds like a good a follow up to “Do The Work”, right? Yours will be my next book to read :)
    Ps. Can’t wait for the title to be revealed!!

  8. Go Lisa! You’ve so got this. One step at a time.

    Thanks for reminding me about the book I announced I was writing to everyone in June. Two days later is my last saved entry. Time to refocus.

    I like these acronyms:
    FEAR=false evidence appearing real
    FEAR=face everything and rise

    What will you choose?

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