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I know what you’re saying.  Not another Social Network!

But, stay with me for just a minute. Trust me, you WANT to hear this. It will absolutely change your business and increase your website traffic. I promise!

Last week, I did a short webinar on how I set up my Pinterest account for the members of my Social Business Academy and then made it available to others to purchase.  The outcome of that webinar was very very interesting to say the least. And I’m not even talking about sales…

The webinar itself was about 30 minutes in length.  During this time I played around with Pinterest, uploaded a few pins, found some people to follow, liked, commented and repinned a post.Lisa Larter Pinterest Stats

I also made an effort the day prior to upload some of my blog posts, photos of my dogs etc so that there was some actual activity on my Pinterest Boards.

All in all – less than an hour of my time went into this.

Tuesday I had 1045 visits on my website.  This was a pretty average day for me.

Wednesday was the day of the webinar.  That day I had 3544 visits.  Thursday I sent out my newsletter and we blogged about Pinterest and shared the download of my webinar.  By the end of that day I had 4010 visits.

Then I ignored Pinterest for a couple days and guess what? It all went back to normal.

If numbers are something that are important to you in your business (and they should be!), understanding what this means is huge.  I was able to quadruple my page views simply by giving Pinterest a little bit of attention!

Lisa Larter Pinterest StatsHow much money would you spend to quadruple visits to your website?

The next question you should be asking yourself is: What could you do with that increase in traffic and how might you be able to help your new audience?

Pinterest is a great tool, but the same Social norms apply – it’s not all about you.  You still need to engage, share and build relationships.  At the core of every social networking site is a person, a person who is looking to be noticed, a person who wants to meet new people, a person who wants your attention – not your sales pitch.

To learn more about Pinterest click here – you can still get my training webinar and support the Ultimate Kindness Project.

To connect with me on Pinterest click here – you will see some business stuff and lots of pictures of my dogs, favorite food and wine, and of course, travel!



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