Money, Measurements, and Metrics

I love money. There, I said it.

I love talking about money, I love teaching about money, and I love getting deep in the nitty-gritty numbers of running a business.

Season three of She Talks Business, all about money, metrics, and measurements, is therefore my favourite season yet!

This season might make you feel uncomfortable, but you’re not alone in that feeling. When it comes to money-talk, so many people listen and feel like, “Oh my gosh, I should know this.” And just as many people find themselves falling into money or measurement shame.

If you’re a little intimidated by the financial jargon floated around in the business world, or embarrassed that you don’t know which numbers you could be using to stimulate growth in your business, take a deep breath. If you find yourself rationalizing that you are “just not good at numbers,” I want to ask you to do me a favour and set all of that aside.

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Stick with me through this season which consists of 5 incredible episodes, and together we will overcome that fear of money and by the end, you will be better equipped to run your business.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a quick summary of the season…

Money, Measurement and Metrics – EP. 24STB_Ep 24_Money Metrics and Measurements

What if knowing and focusing on ONE metric in your business could spark a change that would take your company from $300,000/year in revenue to 1M+/year? Would that warm you up to the idea of getting intimate with the numbers in your business? I bet it would!

In episode 24, hear the story behind one of my coaching client’s 233% revenue growth and learn how finding, isolating, and changing this ONE measurement brought on this incredible growth. Not overnight, but over time.

In this episode you will also learn how collecting and analyzing the right numbers can:

  • Signal a huge problem in your business
  • Give you time to fix what’s broken before it’s too late
  • Give you the data you need to make decisions
  • Grow your revenue and profits exponentially
  • Get you the best return on your business should you decide to sell it

It’s time to shine a bright light on the money and math monsters you have lurking in the corners of your entrepreneurial mind and business. Click here to listen to episode 24, now!

The Myths You Buy Into About Money – EP. 25She Talks Business_Ep 25_Money Metrics and Measurements

Have you subconsciously bought into any of the eight money myths I’m talking about in episode 25? I bet there are at least two or three holding you back from reaching your business’ full potential…

Have no fear! In this episode, we look closely at these money myths and reframe them so your mind can get back on track with growing your business.

The myths we’re going to tackle include:

  • “People won’t pay that much”
  • “I need another certification/degree/course to make more money”
  • “I can’t sell” (and its cousin: “I hate selling”)
  • “I’m not good at numbers”

… and four more you’ll hear when you tune in!

There are likely a few of these eating away at your profits and your confidence. It’s time to shine a bright light on the money myths that might be holding you back and get some useful strategies to move past them to make your business more profitable AND grow your confidence as a business owner. Click here to listen to episode 25, now!

Million Dollar Launch with Sigrun – EP. 26STB_Ep 26_Money Metrics and Measurements

I can’t wait for you to meet my good friend Sigrun, Europe’s #1 business mentor, in this week’s episode and not because we have similar views on how to start and run a business, but because we are exact opposites!

Even though Sigrun and I have similar-sized businesses, we’ve built them in completely different ways. I started my business with a clear, well-outlined strategy. Sigrun started with more of what she calls a “throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks” approach. I slowly built up capital to grow in increments, Sigrun spent all the money she made in the beginning and then rapidly started scaling in 2014. I’m more of an invitational marketing gal, Sigrun is in love with the big launch and has become a master at it!

I love that you can approach business from many different angles and that two very different people can both create businesses that support the life they want and make a difference in the way they serve.

Tune in to hear how Sigrun, a woman whose first language isn’t English and who comes from a very small town in Iceland,  built a seven-figure, international business by travelling, giving of her time, and making meaningful connections wherever she went.

If you’ve ever thought, “I wish I could launch a product and make money!” Sigrun is the woman to tell you how to do it. Listen in to hear her explain what makes a great launch, how to set one up for success and how to keep your clients coming back for your products… Even if you DON’T have a huge list of followers!

Learn how Sigrun has made her and her brand stand out on the international stage and why she believes women entrepreneurship is the answer to gender equality. Sigrun’s unconventional path to creating a business that works and personal wealth might just be the approach you’ve been looking for! Click here to listen to episode 26, now!

Fearlessly Planning a $10M Company with Margy Feldhuhn– EP. 27STB_Ep 27_Money Metrics and Measurements

Every once in a while I meet a woman so in tune with her business numbers that I instantly know I’ve found a kindred spirit! In this week’s episode, you are going to fall in love, just like I did, with Margy Feldhuhn’s courageous approach to embracing the metrics inside her business and hear how doing that has made Interview Connections, the business she co-owns, the first and leading podcast booking agency doing 7 and now almost 8-figures a year.

Margy and I are on a mission to wake you up to what is possible in your business when you start asking the right financial and performance questions and answering those questions with simple math.

If you’re thinking, “Oh, Margy’s probably had a lifetime of experience in the business financial sector.” OR “She’s got to be some kind of math whiz.” You’d be wrong on both counts. Margy is in her twenties and has figured out how to scale a team, exponentially grow revenue and protect profit with her feet on the ground in her business.

Listen in to hear Margy tell you the story of Interview Connections’ humble beginnings, to how her business partner, Jessica started the agency as a side hustle, to Margy coming on as a partner and promising to triple each of their take-home profits (which they did!), to where they are at now—on target to grow the company from 3 M dollars a year to 10 M dollars a year.

I know you will love how transparent Margy is about the “failures” she’s learned from growing a company so rapidly and she gives fantastic advice for anyone looking to start or get back on track with profit growth. Get out your P&L spreadsheet, your calculator and let this episode inspire you into action! Click here to listen to episode 27, now!

Coming up next is episode 28, Generate Income on Demand

Let’s face it, as humans, we are full of excuses and fears. Especially when it comes to money and selling. That’s why I believe it’s crucial to learn how to generate income on demand and this week I’m going to teach you how! Tune in to hear Stephanie Rainey and I talk about how flexing your money-making-muscle actually rewires your brain to blow through excuses and move your fears to the back seat.

Not sure how you can make money on demand? I have 5 ideas for you:

  • Sell something, anything! Work out that scrawny money muscle.
  • Invitation marketing. Ask, sell and then build it.
  • The $100 week or $1000 month challenge (aka: fund my Ferrari)
  • Sell a new product, service or experience.
  • Sell to your customers: retain, expand, refer.

Want the details on these money-making ideas? Heck ya! Take a deep breath, press play and let’s jump in and have a little fun learning to bring in the dough. Click here to be notified when episode 28 goes live!

Do you have specific questions about money, metrics, or measurements? Send them to me in an email at, or direct message them to me on Instagram so I can answer them in a later episode. I will respect your anonymity and won’t name you on the show!


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