Make a Decision


I can swim.

The water moves and you suddenly feel off balance.  You feel as though it could take you under and the thought of that happening causes panic to creep into your stomach and work it’s way up to your heart.

Your breath becomes a bit more shallow as the pressure of the water around your lungs makes you feel like you cannot breathe.

It is frightening to feel as though you could drown.

I decided I did not want to own that fear anymore.

Yes, I decided that there was something I could do about it and so, I began to take swimming lessons.

My swimming instructor, Stephanie, is patient, supportive and systematic.  Her approach to my lessons reminds me of business.

She started by getting me to be comfortable with the properties of water.  She wanted me to learn how water is different from air, how it feels, what to expect – to set the foundation for my experience.

Next she slowly built me up to putting my face in the water.  

We blew bubbles in the water and, bit-by-bit my ears filled with cold water that felt like it was trickling into my brain.  Then, she taught me to walk and bob and I submerged my head under water, almost euphoric to think I had been brave enough to do that.

She held my shoulders and I got into a back float position and got comfortable just being in the water. She showed me how to put my face into the water and how my legs would rise to a front float position.

She made me feel safe and built my confidence.

Next, she taught me how to gain momentum.  How to move my legs so I could actually get somewhere in the pool.  She taught me to use those legs until the muscles burned, no wimpy effort allowed.  Your leg muscles are strong and they can move you easily through the water once you have the right technique.

Finally, she taught me to recover – to go from floating to standing on my own so that I no longer had to fear splashing about being unable to do it on my own.  She held my hand, then she held my finger, and then she let me do it on my own.

She jumped up and down and celebrated when I did it the first time all by myself.  She encouraged me to do it again and again until it was second nature and I was overflowing with joy.

I decided.

I decided to learn something completely outside of my comfort zone and because I knew I could not do it alone I hired her to help me.

What do you need to decide to do in your life or business right now?

It is possible – that thing you think cannot be done.  The very thing you are afraid of is what will build your confidence and exhilarate your soul.

Pick something and decide.


6 thoughts on “Make a Decision”

  1. My interpretation of this is that in order to be successful, you must first make the decision to subject yourself to danger. You must fully exit your comfort zone in order to exit your growth zone.

  2. Lisa,
    I love this photo of you in the water! How cool. How brave. You inspired me to do the same and although I am few lessons behind you, I am also very proud of being able to feel 80% more comfortable in the water and being able to get my head in without panic. I have 2 lessons left and now I will see if I can get a photo of me to share with everyone as well!
    It’s amazing how much stronger it makes one feel in every area of life, once you lose a fear that’s been hanging around for more than half a century!
    Good for us!!!!

    1. Sorry if it was misleading Kathi but this photo isn’t of me! I will definitely have to see if I can get one to share though.

      I am so happy for you and would love to see the photo. You’re doing wonderful!

    1. Thanks Deb! I love this analogy too. I had no idea when I started that I would learn so much about my business from swimming!

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