How To Plan And Prioritize Your Marketing

Do you plan and prioritize your marketing? Do you feel like you’re in control of it? Or, do you feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something will stick?

The most effective marketers have something in common. They use a system or a process for how they market and they follow a set of core values. Let me explain how this works.

The most effective #marketers have a system or process for how they market and they follow a set of core values. Find out what they are, here: Click To Tweet

Three Core Values for Effective Marketing:

1. Consistency is key

Effective marketers commit to being consistent. They make a decision to do something and they stick with it. They are not sporadic when it comes to their commitments and they are all-in because they know that consistency over time is where results really happen.

The best #marketers commit to being #consistent. They make a decision to do something and they stick with it. They are all-in because they know consistency over time is where results happen. Click To Tweet

When you decide to become consistent about your marketing and stick to it long-term (I’m talking years) the results compound over time.

2. Good enough is good enoughFoot stuck into chewing gum on street. Concept of stickiness

When you believe that good enough is good enough, you avoid getting stuck in analysis paralysis over perfectionism. Great marketers are confident enough to release something that is “good enough” out into the world.

Don’t misinterpret this for low quality. These individuals measure, tweak and improve as they go, but they don’t stay stuck.

When you commit to being consistent, good enough over time becomes great because you’re practicing the skill of creation.

Good enough is good enough. Great #marketers don't get stuck in perfectionism. They are confident and release something that is good enough into the world so they can move forward. Click To Tweet

3. Admit your weaknesses

These individuals also know what they can and cannot do and they are not afraid to own it. They know themselves well and they will hire people to help them follow through.

They also don’t waste their time on things like the mechanics of setup. Instead, they focus on their creativity.

When it comes to a system, this is a simple way you can plan:

  1. Pick a consistent day of the week to email your list.
  2. Pick a consistent day of the week to publish new content.
  3. Give yourself enough time for someone to properly set up the new content so it is ready by the day you want to email your list.
  4. Plan what social media channels you will use for marketing.
  5. Map out a weekly schedule for each social channel that identifies the type of marketing you’re going to share each day.
  6. Plan all of that content ahead of time so you have a batch ready to go and then…get to work!

What does your marketing process look like?


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