How to Pick the Best Social Network for You

Let me guess…

You are sick and tired of all the new social networks popping up and you could use a bit of guidance on how to pick the one you should focus on?  I have the perfect solution for you!

Leave us a comment below with respect to the question I ask at the end PUHleeeze!


3 thoughts on “How to Pick the Best Social Network for You”

  1. hehe, I was hoping to get on here (had to find the right blog entry since I had your video up from, I’m guessing, your FB feed) and I was hoping to find other’s comments about this! I am wondering this very thing. Who exactly IS my target market. Who is she? (I know the gender at least!) I’ve always thought in general terms, that this person must either be pregnant, or a new mom, of average or over average family income, who values photography as artwork in their home. Of course, this doesn’t help me pinpoint this person enough. Hopefully others will chime in with how they found exactly where their clients are hanging out!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I think my ideal client usually hangs out on Facebook. Perhaps Pinterest a little bit. Google+ is great, imo, but my client has little free time so I don’t think she would be at Google+ regularly at this point.

    She is 40, works, is getting divorced. She is aware, kind and compassionate, and she wants to divorce in the most positive, forward-thinking way possible. She wants to positively co-parent her children (she has 2) with her children’s father, and she is open to really improving her life from here on out.

    She wants support, information and education about the divorce process. She wants to know how to find the best lawyer or mediator for her situation. She does not want to blame or get stuck in the past. She wants to learn some awesome self-care, how to care for her children’s well-being during and after divorce, and how to navigate the legal system. She wants to learn better money management and to increase her income as well.

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