How to Overcome Rejection in Your Business


Do you struggle with rejection in your business?

When you are trying to sell your products or services do you feel like all you ever hear is “no”?

When you have a small business you often wear many hats yourself and one of those is usually the hat of a salesperson. Unfortunately, that job doesn’t come easy to everyone.

You may be frustrated because you don’t like to hear that someone doesn’t want to buy your products or services (nobody does!) and because you don’t know how to overcome the rejections and not take them personally.

Understanding who your ideal customer is and having confidence in yourself can completely change the way you sell your business and turn those rejections into sales! <—Click to Tweet.

One of the easiest ways to get started is to ask your prospects why they said no and your customers why they said yes. It can be eye opening when you realize why you get the response you do and will help you choose who you talk to and what you say when it comes to selling your business.

In this week’s Shop Talk I have some tips to help you overcome the no’s and turn your business around.

Watch the video and then share with me, what are some of the things you’ve done to turn things around in your business?

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2 thoughts on “How to Overcome Rejection in Your Business”

  1. Love this Lisa! ‘No’ has been my greatest teacher for all the reasons you mentioned. It’s helped me understand where I’ve not clearly helped people see the value or that they haven’t been my ideal women to work with. I also discovered that ‘no’ sometimes just means, ‘not now’ versus ‘not ever’. Trusting that, I’m able to plant more seeds and see them blossom into working partnerships at later dates. Timing is always divine.

  2. It really is about the mindset and formulating the vision of that ideal client in our own thoughts! When we truly believe in what we have to offer and go looking for the people who need it and WANT it, we don’t get as hung up on the ones who aren’t ready or have a different preference. People have choices. It’s up to us to present our choice and then leave the decision up to them and not take it personally if our “thing” is not their choice. Great video, Lisa!!

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