How to Choose the Perfect Coach for Your Business


What are you looking for in a business coach?

That’s a really big question because often, you may not even realize you need a coach. Or, maybe you know you need one, but you just aren’t sure who is right for you, or even if the person you’d like to work with offers coaching.

So, this week’s Shop Talk is kind of a two fold lesson.

First, if you are a coach or offer coaching services, you need to make sure that is clear. Your customers may be buying your other services or products but you could be losing out on coaching clients because they just aren’t aware you offer that type of service.

I recently realized that I wasn’t promoting my own coaching program very well and made some changes to ensure my QuickStart Coaching Program was represented on my website. I was amazed by how many clients and colleagues didn’t even realize I had a coaching program!

Second, if you are trying to decide whether or not you need a coach or already know you need one but don’t know how to go about find the right one for you, this week’s video will help. I’m going to share with you the four things to look at when you are trying to find a coach that is the perfect fit for you.

Also in this week’s video I ask the tough question: “Are you looking for a coach or are you looking for a savior? Because a coach’s job is to teach and guide you. Not save you and do the work for you.” <—-Click to Tweet This


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