How to Block People, Games and Invites on Facebook

Facebook Blocking Lisa Larter

Sometimes you just need to block people, or some of the intrusive things they do on Facebook. There is no shame in doing this.

In fact, in some cases my clients have discussed serious privacy concerns that could impact their safety when it comes to Facebook — so making sure that you know exactly how to do this is important.


Understanding how to edit your privacy settings is key to controlling who can see what you do on Facebook and who can share things on your timeline that could be viewed by your friends or followers.

How have you put Facebook’s privacy settings to work for you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


1 thought on “How to Block People, Games and Invites on Facebook”

  1. Loved this one. A good laugh to start the day. Blocking is something that I have done for game requests and also event invitations, especially the ones from far off countries that I will never go to. It got to the point where I got at least 8-10 game requests every week. In the instance of event requests, I assume that the senders just sent it out to everyone on their FB lists without really seeing who would be actually interested.

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