Five Ways You Can Network to Get Results

When I opened my business in 2006 I had no idea how important networking would be to my success.  If I only knew then what I know now…My connections and the relationships I have formed with others are the most valuable resource I have in business.

Most people however don’t always get into networking with relationships in mind. Instead, they start off with a WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) attitude that is mixed with a little bit of anxiety and a whole lot of awkwardness.  This mixture is a recipe for disaster when it comes to networking.

Think about it – if everyone there is only interested in what’s in it for them, and they all feel anxious and awkward – how difficult is it going to be to really connect?

Usually it goes something like this… I show up, I feel totally uncomfortable about being there and all I really want is…Lisa Larter Business Woman Network

  1. More clients
  2. To sell more
  3. More people to know who I am

This plan is all about ME 🙂

But, what if you turned it around and thought about others first?

What do you think might happen? How do you think your level of anxiety might be impacted if you showed up with the INTENTION to help someone else?

What if you incorporated these 5 things into your day to day activities and interactions with others?

  1. Connect and help someone else find one new client.
  2. Next time you need to buy something, look for a connection you have that sells what you need.
  3. Write a referral or testimonial once a week for a product or service provider you value.
  4. Write a special report that adds tremendous value. Make it so good you should charge for it and then, give it away for free.
  5. Ask more questions, and listen to others more than you talk about yourself.

These five things are just the beginning of becoming better at cultivating a network of value.

What if you started with just these five things then added even more?  What do you think might happen?

I am guessing people might just reciprocate.  I am guessing more people will know about you, more people will want to do business with you and more people will be talking about how great you are.

In my Network Like a Rockstar Workshop (click to register), I show you how to leverage the power of Social Media to help you build your network, forge stronger face-to-face connections and how to follow up and keep the connection going!

If networking is key to your business success, I hope you will invest in yourself and learn more about the most valuable resource in my business – my network!


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