Event as marketing tool

Events as an Effective Marketing Tool

Events can be an extremely effective marketing tool for building your business.

Attending events and hosting events might be something that you should consider if you want to grow your network and build your credibility. Events are more than just people sitting in a room, listening to speaker after speaker talking to you, instead of with you. When you leverage what an event has to offer, you can leave with more than just a notebook full of words.

Let’s break down why people make the investment to attend events, and why people choose to spend the time and money hosting them.

Why do people attend events?

When like-minded individuals get together, and are in a learning environment, it can be really powerful and beneficial.

An event that is done well should leave you with AT LEAST one usable strategy or tool to apply in your life or in your business. An event done well will re-ignite that spark that you’ve got for your business, and remind you why you do what you do. For example: at my event, Money, Mindset and Marketing you’ll be leaving with your brain packed full of information, inspiration, and a written plan to execute for weeks after the event.

When you attend an event, you get to build your professional network with people who have similar ways of thinking and operating. When you’re around your peers, (other business owners) you have to opportunity to build strong relationships with people who can support you emotionally. Being an entrepreneur is really freakin’ hard. And the only reason we know that, is because we are entrepreneurs. Being able to have a community of support that understand what it takes to be a run your own business is incredibly helpful.

Not only do you develop relationships with your peers, you develop relationships with potential customers. You get the chance to talk to people about what you do, which in return can translate into sales both at the event, and long after.

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Why do people host events?

There are plenty of benefits in hosting an event. It will increase your visibility substantially – imagine having a room full of people who all know your name, they all know what you do, and you have the opportunity to be an influencer in their lives. That’s powerful.

You’re building credibility around the subject of your expertise. People are listening to what you have to say on a certain subject, and will look up to you for insight and advice for time to come. You’ll gain attention and have people associate you with that subject.

You’ll gain clients. They say that the best way to sell someone is in person. When you are eye to eye, belly to belly and heart to heart, THAT is when you’re going to make the sale. People buy from people they know, like and trust. You can’t gain that kind of relationship over social media in a short amount of time the same way you can when you’re in front of people.

It’s not about recuperating costs at the event, the real value is in the revenue that you will generate post-event. Sales will come long after the event is done. Just because someone doesn’t buy on that day, doesn’t mean they won’t think of you months after and connect with you then.

Hosting an event can give you the chance to showcase who you are and what you do, while bringing people together and creating a lasting impression.

As entrepreneurs, we’re a special breed of human. Dedicated, hard working, creative, and some people might even say crazy. By standing together and helping each other, we have the ability to push ourselves to heights that might seem impossible to attain on our own.

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Leave me a comment and let me know, how have events been an effective marketing tool for you? Did you gain business from hosting/attending?


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