5 Email List Myths And Truths

It is likely that you want to grow your email list. You may already know a few things about email marketing and perhaps “experts” have told you a number of subscribers you should be aiming towards in order to be “successful”…

If your list isn’t growing as fast as you would like or the concept of growing your list to the thousands overwhelms you, there are some myths you may have bought into that you need to recognize and let go of.

Here are five reminders to keep you grounded as you build your list and grow your business to the six and seven-figure mark.

Your Email List: What Does and Doesn’t Matter.

1. The quality of your list is more important than the size of your list.

Rather than focusing on the overall subscriber number, here are some metrics you should be measuring to determine the quality of your list:

  • Open Rates
  • Clicks
  • Replies

2. Keep in mind that some people sign up for the free stuff because they can’t afford to engage your services.

Not every subscriber will be a client. Email List truths and myths, by Lisa LarterFreebie opt-ins are great, and they help increase your list size and visibility while providing value to potential customers. However, understand that many people will opt-in just for the free value you can give them. Be okay with that. Don’t expect every new subscriber to buy, and especially don’t expect them to buy right away.

3. An email list is not the only way to build a huge business. Don’t fall for the myth that you must have a huge list – it’s simply not true.

Instead, focus on the content and value you are already providing:

  • Do you treat your weekly newsletter as just another begrudging task you “have” to do? Your subscribers can tell if that’s the case.
  • Who is your ideal client? What are their needs? You need to be continually speaking to them and the problems you can solve for them.
  • How are you serving and showing up in their inbox every week? Provide quality content and value that will help them. It’s not about you, it’s about them.
  • Is there value that you aren’t providing, but should? In order to think about the answer to this question, you need to take time to work on your business and not in it. You could perhaps ask some of your ideal clients these questions too.
An #EmailList is not the only way to build a six or seven-figure #business. Don’t fall for the myth that you must have a huge list - it’s not true. Ask yourself these questions instead: Share on X

4. Not all businesses require large lists to do a large volume of business.

There is no “perfect” number out there. Here are some things to consider:

  • You can have a list of 5000 people and be making millions – or zero dollars. It is how you build your business that matters more than the total number.
  • If you’re running a relational type of business (like coaching or consulting) and you charge higher fees, you need more than a list: you need to meet people face to face. You need to prioritize relationships.
  • If you are running a transactional business with products and services that are lower in cost, big lists can be helpful. However, they are not the only way to run and build a business. It’s one way.

5. The person telling you to grow the list is typically selling you a program on how to do that.

Be careful what you buy into. Boat insurance is ridiculously valuable – if you own a boat. In the same way, email list-building is a business niche. Don’t buy into methods that might not be what you need to build your business your way.

Yes, email lists matter. They provide an unfiltered, intimate way to speak directly to your current and potential customers. They allow you a way to nurture the relationship with them, add value and even make the occasional sales offer. But, they are not the be-all-end-all of your business and financial success as an entrepreneur.

Quality over quantity, always.

HOW you build your business that matters more than the total number of followers and #subscribers. Quality over quantity. Share on X

How are you currently serving your email list in such a way that provides value to them, directly in their inbox?


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