Don’t Trash This One “Task”

A few weeks ago, we tackled how to ditch pesky repetitive tasks – you know the task I’m talking of: it’s mundane and tedious. You either need to trim and tweak it, transfer it or trash it entirely.

Listen, anything repeatable can be automated. But, while some repetitive tasks should be systematized to save you time, others should be embraced. Why? Because they are your differentiators.

The Repetitive Task: Relationships

As we embrace a new era of AI and automation, there is one thing you cannot systematize or automate: your relationships.

As a business owner, relationships will take you where no automation can reach. There is something different about human connection – and it’s for good reason.

As a business owner, relationships will take you where no automation can reach. There is something different about human connection. #Relationships #Tasks Share on X

People want to do business with people, not robots.Don't trash this one task, by Lisa Larter

So, when leveraging which tasks to get rid of and which to keep, pay attention to the task that helps you build relationships with current customers and ideal clients.

The relationships you build with people will set you apart from your competition. The “know, like and trust” factor isn’t cliche. It’s the truth. But most people focus too much on being known and not enough on being liked or trusted.

Anyone can write up a witty bio – but it resonates differently and on a deeper level when someone hears it directly from your lips.

With relationships as a core focus, you should regard these repetitive tasks as highly important for your business:

  • Responding personally to inquiries for new business.
  • Showing up online in the social media space – with your face!
  • Responding personally to problems.
  • Reaching out personally when making significant changes.

So, ask yourself: what are your priorities?

This is a necessary question to ask because, as a business owner, you are constantly stretched for time. I’ve heard it said that the only people who would ever work 80 hours of work a week for free are entrepreneurs. Now, while this blog isn’t about the fact that you should NOT be working for free, time is a precious currency.

So, start thinking: where are relationships on your priority list? Where do they fall on the list of income-generating tasks you’ve created for yourself?

Are you getting bogged down by useless things that don’t drive the needle forward? Maybe it’s finding the perfect font pairing or scrolling Instagram to scope out the competition? Are you distracted by every single team members’ problems?

How you spend your time will dictate what your priorities are.

How you spend your time will dictate what your #priorities are. #TimeManagement #Connection Share on X

If you’re unsure what those are, track how you spend your time this next week. The numbers will tell you themselves.

A word of wisdom: protect your relationships – in the business and outside of it too. Relationship-building is an undervalued growth strategy, but it will benefit you more than you know!

Tell me below – how much time do you spend on building relationships with your clients and ideal customers?


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