How to Truly Differentiate Yourself in a Competitive Market

The Social Business Academy is proud to announce this one-time only live event with Cristi Cooke!

Cristi Cooke - Lisa LarterThis presentation, is designed to teach you once and for all, how to identify and define the core essence of your differentiation. You will learn a process that is unlike any traditional marketing approach, in uncovering how to integrate your personal passions – who you truly are – into differentiators that benefit your ideal clients. You will learn the questions to ask yourself that uncover your own genius, and exactly how to distill the answers into your unique offer to the market.

You will then learn how to apply the knowledge of “who you are” to pinpoint the definition of your ideal client. And, you will learn how to create marketing messages that resonate deeply with that ideal client. We will use a combination of case studies and examples, so you can see how to practically apply this process to your business.

You’ll leave this FREE workshop knowing:

  • How to spend less time “thinking about” how to differentiate yourself, and more time implementing it
  • Exactly how to answer the question “What do you do?” without sounding like other people in your industry
  • How to translate the essence of “who” you are into unique & specific benefits for your ideal client
  • and How to laser-focus your marketing messages, to attract ideal clients

Cristi has graciously accepted my request to teach all of this to YOU so that you have everything you need to get a jumpstart on marketing yourself and your business!

Lisa Larter - Differentiate YourselfI have to tell you, Cristi Cooke does not follow the same path as other marketing strategists. So, don’t come to this webinar expecting the same, cookie-cutter tactics and strategies. She has built a formula to unlock your true genius.

It is a system for identifying your true differentiators, your ideal client and the reasons that clients need you. Cristi is a dean’s list graduate of Queen’s School of Business, with nearly 20 years experience leading market research and marketing strategy projects for some of the largest companies in Canada, South America and Europe.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on this very special Social Business Academy event on June 26th at 1:00 EST!


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