Congratulations to Billings Bridge!

#GoBillings Ottawas Greatest Mobile Photographer - Lisa LarterPeople often ask me what my favorite part of my business is. The answer is always first and foremost helping other businesses grow and succeed.

This week, I had the opportunity to help Ottawa’s own Billings Bridge create an event and contest that garnered some pretty spectacular results and will culminate this weekend with awarding an amazing prize package to the contest winner!

It began with a simple plan for Billings. They would host a contest to find Ottawa’s Greatest Mobile Photographer and have an event on-site to pick a winner. Then, it grew into something much bigger.

Blacks signed on as a sponsor for the contest and pretty soon, Billings had more than $2500 in prizes, a weekend-long event to promote their shopping centre, and more than 1500 submissions!

Billings has also received some really great attention and feedback from local and even national outlets thanks to this contest. They were featured in Shopping Centre Weekly (click to read), blogged about by Twenty York Street ( and 613 Style (check it out here) and mentioned on CTV!

You can get the contest details and keep up with what’s happening and see the winners via the Billings Bridge Shopping Centre website or on their facebook page at


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