Look for the Bright Spots: Resources for Small Businesses

In times like these, it might feel like we’re in a business “famine” – so it’s more important than ever to look for the bright spots and good news stories.

In Chip and Dan Heath’s best-selling book written over a decade ago, Switch, How to Change When Change is Hard, they talk about looking for bright spots. And there’s one real story in the book I want to highlight:

In 1990, Save The Children was asked by Vietnam’s Foreign Minister to open an office in their country. Why? Children were dying from malnutrition, and it was an epidemic. Representative Jerry Sternin was sent in to help solve the problem – with an impossibly short period of time to do so. Six months, in fact.

He had no idea what to do.

But, here’s what he did: he looked for bright spots.

In times like these, it might feel like we’re in a #business “famine” - so it’s more important than ever to look for the bright spots and #GoodNews stories. Share on X

He looked for the kids that were thriving, and then set out to find out what their mothers’ were doing differently. Sternin wanted to answer why some kids were healthy, maybe even a little chubby, while so many others were starving to death.

He discovered the secret by speaking to these women.

So, he enrolled them in sharing their best practices with the others. By doing so, they were able to significantly reduce the death rate and positively impact children’s health.

Look for the Bright Spots: Resources for Small Businesses, by Lisa LarterWhere are the bright spots in your business famine?

Right now, it may feel like you’re in the midst of a business famine, and yet, there are many many bright spots out there.

Some of the bright spots come in the form of government relief for small businesses. Others come from those who are leading and looking for the positive. We’re seeing many businesses adapt and create better options and offerings for their clients.

In essence, there are bright spots all around – if you seek them out. One of those bright spots that inspired me to write this blog post is Catherine Priestman, the owner of CP Business Solutions. She put together an amazing list of financial resources on her blog for small business owners.

There are bright spots all around - if you seek them out. Here are some practical #resources for #SmallBusinesses during this time. Share on X

Small business resources:

So, here they are, and a few more, for you right now – in case, you don’t have the energy to or know where to look:

Canadian Government Resources:

1. COVID-19 Economic Response Plan for Businesses, which includes:

2. How to Maintain and Grow your Business, which includes:

  • Support for employees (includes CERB)
  • Support for businesses
  • Information on business travel and events
  • Support for businesses in international markets

3. Individual Canadian Provincial Websites

Other Resources:

  1. Learning at home (Scholastic Canada)
  2. Support for Individuals and Families (includes CERB)
  3. Trudeau’s Daily News Release
  4. Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses Helpline
  5. Reach out to your business accountant/bank for personalized financial resources.

Other Marketing/Business Resources:

  1. Donald Miller’s Business Made Simple daily coaching tips
  2. Grow your business classes – $13K+ value for 97% off (Good till April 6, 2020)

United States Government Resources:

1. COVID-19 Aid, Relief and Economic Security Guide (CARES Act), which includes a PDF for:

  • Paycheck Protection Program
  • Emergency Economic Injury Grant
  • Small Business Debt Relief Program
  • Information for Government Contractors
  • Free counselling and training
  • Small Business Tax Provisions
  • Express Bridge Loans

2. Small Business Administration resources for COVID-19.

3. SBA’s Local Assistance Directory

4. Disaster Loan Assistance Application

Other Resources:

  1. What the U.S. Gov is doing for COVID-19, which includes small business efforts
  2. Scholastic Learn at Home (US)
  3. Whitehouse Daily Briefings 
  4. Reach out to your business accountant/bank for personalized financial resources.

Are there any other resources you’ve found that are helpful to business owners? Comment them below.


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  1. Thanks so much for the kind shout out, Lisa.
    I really apreciate you sharing the collection of financial info with even more people.
    Love the theme of looking for the bright spots – it’s how I like to roll too.

    Keep well,

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