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Can A Book Double Your Profit?

Ever wondered if you can double your profit in just one year? Last year, one book inspired me so much that I doubled my profit margins and grew my business by almost 50%.

Another book completely changed how I think about my client’s journey within our business, how we serve each client and how we retain their business in the long-run. The changes we implemented because of this one book resulted in dramatically more referrals this past year than ever before.

This is no joke. I can quantify multiple six-figure increases on my bottom line net profit as a result of the action I took from reading these two books.

If I Did It, You CAN Double Your Profit

Why am I sharing this with you?

The answer is simple. Business owners need to read, think and implement their learning regularly if they want to grow, remain competitive and innovative. I doubled my profit this way, and I know you can double your profit too.

Business owners need to read, think and implement their learning regularly if they want to grow, remain competitive and innovative. I doubled my #profit this way, and I know you can too. Click To Tweet


Because when you read regularly, you expand your knowledge – exponentially.

When you deliberately think about, debrief and discuss your learning, you are easily able to translate conceptual ideas into action.

And when you take action, you get quantifiable results.

That’s the power of reading and why I continue to offer Thought Readers as my core group program.

Thought Readers is more than a business and book club. It’s a community of entrepreneurs with big ideas who are all on a quest to learn, grow and improve their businesses too.Secret's Out: Can a Book double your Profit, by Lisa Larter

Invest In Your Business With Thought Readers

From Friday, November 29 – Monday, December 2, 2019, there will be an irresistible Black Friday to Cyber Monday promo going live for this program. If you would like to join Thought Readers to read, think, discuss and implement with me in 2020 – now is the time to make that investment.

In 2020, this is the only group program I will be offering. Once a month, you’ll have access to pick my brain about anything business-related (yes, anything) during our group coaching call.

Listen, I’ll be real. I’m a high school drop-out with an avid love of learning. Reading is the secret sauce to my success, and it’s something you can do too.  The most important person you will ever invest in is you.

The most important person you will ever invest in is YOU. #Business #PersonalGrowth Click To Tweet

In life, you can lose business, money and friends… but no one can ever take away what you know.

If you’d like to join Thought Readers and learn with me in 2020, you can beat the Black Friday crowds and save $200 when you join today using the promo code readmore2020. As a thank you for joining,  you’ll also get a book in December for free.

Already in #ThoughtReaders? Let me know in the comment below which book you’ve loved the most!


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