That’s what happened to me on May 30th, 2015.

It started with a burning sensation in my stomach and escalated to unimaginable pain. I knew I had a bowel obstruction but the question was — how bad was it?

I have had a bowel obstruction before. It was nasty, but it cleared, and I went on my merry way. This time was different. Although it seemed to clear, my symptoms were not getting better, in fact, they were getting worse.

That’s when the Dr. decided that they needed to operate.

I did a ton of reflecting on what needed to change in my life: more meditation, more quiet time, less work, more juice, more water, more exercise. I would get my Crohn’s Disease under control.

Then, they told me.

It wasn’t my disease.

It was scar tissue, otherwise known as adhesions, that had caused my colon to twist, turn and become knotted and that caused the obstruction.

My disease is NOT active.

Now what?

Here I was — blind-sided, sick and out of the normal life routine and it was all because of something I could not control.

This was great news on many levels. Why?

Well, for starters, I only had to focus on healing and recovering from the surgery. My Crohn’s had not flared up, which means all of the preventative stuff that I have been doing is actually working for me.

My team and my clients showed me that my business is more than just me and that our team can handle a crisis and still operate with professionalism and grace. How amazing is it to have that confidence in the people who surround you on a daily basis?

I also felt enormous gratitude. I had a wake-up call that showed me the power of really, truly paying attention to what I want and need in my life. Just because my Crohn’s is not active does not mean that I don’t crave more meditation, quiet time, green juice, water and exercise and less work.

In fact, before all of this happened, I had written on my iPhone: “Dear life, I want more joy and less stress. I want more free time and open space for creativity and learning. I want to work with clients to help them build their business and to teach others how to do what they love without burden. I want to spend more time outside.

So, my question for you is this…

Is your soul talking to you and, if it is,
are you listening to what it has to say?

I had a very powerful wake-up call but YOU don’t need to have a wake-up call in order to listen to what your heart desires.

You just need to listen, act and do because your life is worth it. Click To Tweet

Those three weeks blessed me with so many powerful lessons. I received hundreds of emails and messages on Facebook (if not 1000s) from people offering their support and love.

I received the best care imaginable at the Kentville hospital in Nova Scotia.

I had people show up for me in a way I never thought possible.

Life is good, my friend, even when things go sideways. Be grateful for all the goodness around you. Open your eyes and see it for it is everywhere.



1 thought on “Blind-sided”

  1. Glad you listened to your inner mind and that things turned out to be better than you were expecting… still, I’m betting you’re still recovering so I wish you well.

    Interesting question; is my soul talking to me… No, I don’t think it’s my soul talking to me as much as my mind, and I don’t always like what it’s telling me. I’ve decided this week (just started) that every morning I’m going to write something in a gratitude journal to try to change my daily focus. So far it feels weird but I know that getting the mind on the right path can only be a good thing as the day goes on. So, we’ll see how it all goes and if I can stick to it.

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