A Simple and Affordable Tool To Track Your Money


Are you one of the millions of business owners who would rather hide from the numbers within your business than actually track your sales?

You may not realize just how damaging this can be for your business. If you aren’t tracking your sales, you have no way of gauging the success of your business or budgeting to spend money on it.

Even more importantly, not keeping up with the numbers could get you a dreaded audit for unpaid or improperly filed taxes which could end up costing literally thousands of dollars.

There is one tool that can help you turn the daunting task of tracking your numbers from a headache into a simple reporting system and I use it on a daily basis within my business. I recently shared it with my co-pilots in The Pilot Project because I found that many of them needed a simple system for tracking their money and I thought it might come in handy for you too:

Freshbooks is one of my favorite business systems because it is online so it’s easy to access from anywhere. It is also inexpensive and very user friendly. They even have a FREE account if you are tracking less than three clients!

So, if you hide your head in the sand when it comes to tracking numbers, check out Freshbooks by clicking here: www.lisalarter.com/freshbooks (transparency alert – if you signup and pay for an account via this link I will make a few dollars as an affiliate!).

Share your thoughts on Freshbooks or your own recommendations for this type of system in the comments below!


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  1. I was one of those not tracking the numbers and felt out of control in that area but since you mentioned Freshbooks in the Pilot Project I have signed up for a yearly subscription and am tracking everything that comes in. I’ve only been using it a month so I haven’t explored all of its capabilities yet but so far I love it!

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