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5 Simple Ways to Make Clients Feel Valued

In the words of Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

When it comes to building strong client relationships, this is what I want you to remember.

It’s no secret that a genuine connection with a client is the first step to customer loyalty.

When you make your clients feel seen, appreciated, and valued, not only are they more likely to stick around, but they are also more likely to sing your praises leading to referral business.

So how can you easily make your clients feel appreciated and valued?

If you want to show your customers how much they mean to you, communicate with them regularly and do things that are meaningful to them. Why are you sending an email when you can pick up the phone and talk? Have you considered sending them a hand-written letter on their birthday instead of a text?

When I was away on a trip, I found something that immediately made me think of one of my customers so I decided to buy it and send it to her. This was a random item that I knew would have a high level of meaning for her. I didn’t go out looking to buy something for this individual, rather, I saw it and thought of her so I bought it.

Here’s another great example of a small act that made a big impact: On the first evening of the Archangel Summit many years ago, Brenda Howes of the Howes Group showed up with a special stone for every person that had a meaningful message attached to it. This was an extremely thoughtful gesture that didn’t go unnoticed.

Your customers DO notice when you do things like that. You don’t have to send them a $100 bottle of wine, or a fancy gift that cost a fortune. Send them something or do something that you know will be meaningful for them.

When you become a giver, you stand out. #Business Share on X

When you make people feel good, they want to be around you. The ROI on making someone feel good is priceless.

5 simple ways you can make clients feel valued and that will, in turn, make you stand out:

1. A Handwritten Note

Send hand-written notes to your customers on a regular basis. Become mindful and aware when you are talking to people and you’ll see opportunities to send them messages.

2. Give the Gift of Knowledge (In The Form of a Book!)

Send your clients a book you’ve recently read with a personalized note letting them know why you think they might like it.

3. Call, Don’t Text

Pick up the phone and call them randomly every once in a while, especially on their birthday.  My friend, Joe, who passed away used to always call me on my birthday. He was usually one of the first people to call and wish me a special day.  The first year he wasn’t here to do that, I really missed him. Don’t underestimate the value of calling people.

4. Send a Personal and Complimentary Invitation

Gift clients tickets to an event you’re hosting. Every year, members of Profit Pods get a free ticket to Money, Mindset and Marketing. It’s my way of thanking them for being clients of mine and it also allows me to bring people who have a really high level of energy and positivity to my event. While I never ask them to say nice things about the work we do together, it naturally happens and always makes me feel good. I receive so much more from them than the value of the ticket I give.

5. Provide Meaningful Feedback

Give meaningful feedback that lets people know you see them, you hear them, and they matter. Dr. Shefali says we are all the same—we all want to know that we are seen, heard, and matter. When you start to really understand that kindness matters more than knowledge, everything shifts. Kindness is an incredibly powerful tool for building your business, retaining your customers and attracting referrals.

#Kindness is an incredibly powerful tool for building your #business, retaining your customers and attracting referrals. Share on X

Keep in mind these two things:

  1.  Kindness always has to be sincere and given with no expectation in return.
  2.  Kindness does not equate to weakness in any way.

You can be kind, and still have boundaries and difficult conversations with people. Kindness is not a replacement for avoiding difficult conversations. You want your customers to value and appreciate you while also respecting you.

In a busy world of social media notifications, too many emails, and a long list of to-do’s, making your customers feel good is one way you can stand out from the crowd.

All you need to do is be present and start focusing on how you can make the people who do business with you feel good about the experience.

Leave me a comment and let me know about a time someone did something small, but special for you and how you try to reciprocate that kindness.


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