Kindness as a Business Strategy

Kindness as a Business Strategy

I am passionate about helping people get results in their business and I love to use social media to interact with people and Facebook Live lets me do that in real-time. It’s raw, it’s real, and you can’t fake what you know when you’re live.

It’s also easy to get fired up on Facebook Live, maybe too fired up – but sometimes you need a hard-hitting message to get people to take action. That said, there is also a case for kindness as a business strategy.

Some situations call for more kindness and compassion than others and it’s important to try and recognize and respond to those situations.

I once received a note and card in the mail. The card said, “To Lisa: you are inspiring, generous, brilliant, and beautiful. Congratulations on realizing your dreams and encouraging so many others to do the same.

Kindness. Absolute kindness.

The person who sent me that card didn’t have to do that. That person took the time to hand-write that card. It took time to write the enclosed full-page note. It took time to address it, stamp it, and put it in the mail.

Why did they do that?

That person did that because that individual leads with kindness.

Kindness is not weak.

Kindness is not wimpy.

Kindness does not mean that you are not a player in the business world.

Kindness is strong, powerful, and confident. You can be kind and be a ruthless businessperson. You can be focused on what you want to accomplish with your business strategy and still be kind to other people. You can be hard-hitting and direct just like I am, and still be kind in the way that you show up and treat other people.

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How many times have you heard the saying, “Nice guys finish last.” That saying makes us think we’ve got to be mean, walk all over people, and use them and abuse them in order to generate success.

Kindness, gratitude, and compassion are important qualities that you want to lead within your business.

Kindness starts with you – you need to be kind to yourself as well.

Are you kind when you talk to yourself? Are you kind when you say no to things? Are you kind to your body? Are you kind to yourself when you acknowledge the hard work that you do?

Kindness is something that we could do with a little bit more of in this world. There are some people who automatically lead with kindness, and there are others who have forgotten what it means to be kind to someone else.

If you’ve forgotten how to be kind to others, it’s probably because no one has been kind to you lately…including yourself.

Think about kindness as a business strategy. How can you show up in your work and really be good to people and make a difference? When you are clear about your revenue model you can be good to people and still make money. You don’t have to take advantage of, or manipulate people, in order to have a successful business.

You can be a good person AND a successful business owner.

It’s often implied that it’s OK to be a nice person with your friends and family, but you have to be a shark when it comes to business – that is not true.

You can be both in your business. You can be kind AND be astute, focused and driven about how you achieve business results.

Think about how you show up in the world and leave me a comment below – what are the things that you do in your business to intentionally make other people feel good and leave the world in a better state than you found it?


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