Eliminate Fear in Four Simple Steps

Lisa Larter - Eliminate Fear In Your Business

It’s ok to be afraid.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you are going to face some scary things. Everything from the fear of what to say to the fear of taking action on something because you have no idea what the outcome will be.

And, not only is it ok to be afraid, but you’re also not alone!

Now, before you watch this video I want to add in a little disclaimer. I do not have a magic wand or secret antidote that will make your fear disappear.

What I do have is a set of tools that have helped me overcome and eliminate fear over and over and over again in my business. These are tools you can use in any situation, at any time to overcome any fear.

And, if you’re wondering if I still use them…the answer is absolutely!

I know these 4 steps will help you because I still use them every single day to help eliminate fears that stand between me and success.

Watch the video then tell me in the comments below, what tools do you use to overcome fear in your business?


6 thoughts on “Eliminate Fear in Four Simple Steps”

  1. Lisa, super set of tools to overcome fear! Your presentation is great, delivered with authenticity in a convincing manner. Thanks! Look forward to the webinar on Sat.

  2. Thanks Lisa! I really really really liked this video. I loved the content. I loved how you addressed it straight on and still left us feeling LIGHT and ABLE! yay! I loved the connection of HABITS to self confidence. Awesome. One of my tricks is to tune in to your SUCCESS rhythm and WORK when your output works! E.G. my BEST time for sales calls is in the morning after 10am. The WORST time for sales calls for me is in the afternoon at 3pm, and then again after 7:30pm. I set up my day in a way that I consistently reinforce success! Nice trick to the brain… Thanks Lisa!

  3. Lisa, thank you for putting these simple messages right in front of us – it is a great little perk. We KNOW this information, but your reminder and encouragement to get out and DO IT is powerful.

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