Two Missing Ingredients in Social Media

This month I had the opportunity to speak at Peggy McColl’s Author event in Sarasota and then, at the Wedding Event Suppliers of Ottawa event here at home. In talking to these two groups, I discovered an interesting tidbit of information.

When I surveyed the group and asked how many of them had blogged at least once a week consistently, it was less than 5% of the room. When I asked the group how many are doing video, it was the same, in some cases, even less!

Everyone is jumping on the Social Media Bandwagon to promote their business but they are forgetting a couple of very important things. I like to refer to them as Social Credibility.

You see, just because I have 5000 friends on Facebook doesn’t mean I am a great person with an awesome business. We all know that many people click add as friend as often as they hit send on an email – so what?! The ability to click a button on Facebook does not make them an expert in their field!

What people typically do when they see you on sites like Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin and they are interested in you is investigate YOU. Yup, they go to your website, they read your Blog and they watch your Videos.

So, if you are not writing at least once a week, and you are never doing Video, what do you think they are thinking about YOU?

This past week I have been researching the topic of Blogging like crazy because I am developing my Self Study Program on Blogging and how to use WordPress. So, like any info geek, I want to make sure I deliver incredible value to those people who buy the program.

What I am realizing through my efforts are the many, many ways in which you can use your Blog to really make a difference. And Video is one of the elements that really works!

Yesterday, a client of mine was running a few minutes late, so I took the couple minutes I had (bad hair day and all) to whip up a quick video. I uploaded the video to YouTube which automatically sent it to Facebook and immediately, I started receiving comments.

Now I am going to share that video with you. Why? Because I want you to see:  a) how quick and easy it was to do and, b) how doing a short video like this can actually be your blog post one week.

In my video I talk about two simple tips, the use of Klout and Gravatar. Nothing fancy schmancy, just some simple ideas for you. The power behind the video though is in linking it to my blog and telling a story. By doing this, I am giving the viewer something for free, driving traffic to my site and increasing my exposure.

What will you do today to increase your exposure?


8 thoughts on “Two Missing Ingredients in Social Media”

  1. Awesome tips Lisa as always. I will do as directed asap although a bit scared of my score on Klout. At the same time, I know you will help me improve it.
    Thanks for all!!

  2. I think these short easy videos with a few tips are a great way to keep your content flowing and regular. I never realized you had a bad hair day. The benefits to doing what you say is that you do drive traffic and the more regular you are the more consistent the spiders check your site(s)
    Doing this is a great example you are setting for those that are are working with…

    1. thanks Rebecca – sometimes the short quick videos are the best kind, and you can then take that content and use it in multiple ways. It is easy for all of us (myself included) to get overwhelmed at creating new content – we make it harder than it needs to be! Thanks for your feedback…. and your quick video reply!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Great content and example, as usual. Thanks!

    I registered on Gravatar the other day when I signed
    up for my Blog on WordPress. I’m late to the game,
    but getting involved; here I come WORLD bringing lots of JOY via Joy on Your Shoulders TM. (Let’s see if my Gravator photo shows up with this comment.)

  4. Thanks Lisa, I saw your web video and got started on my own… I took me a while to figure out how to work my webcam and upload the video to youtube but I stuck with it. My plan is to blog a video once a week and write once a week.

    Thanks again

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