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The first time the squirrel showed up, I was sitting on the deck with my husband and dogs. I quickly looked over at Paul and said; “Hold the dogs!” as I got up to chase him away.

He was a tiny red squirrel, and he moved at the speed of light. I shut the door to our house just in time and chased him away then promptly went searching for his “nest” but I couldn’t find one. I assumed his appearance was a one-off because our deck is high up and you have to climb a flight of stairs to get to it. Not to mention, we don’t have any bird feeders or food outside to draw him to us.

Yet, he came back again. And again and again.

The dogs kept chasing him away, then suddenly…

This brave little squirrel came and sat on the other side of the baby gates that we have up to keep the dogs on the deck, staring fearlessly into their franticly barking faces. He even had the audacity to come up to the front door and peer in through the glass one day, sending Sunshine into a tizzy during one of my client calls.

This little red squirrel is bold and fearless.

He isn’t afraid of what might happen to him if he tries.rawpixel-561415-unsplash

He isn’t afraid of what other animals think of him.

He isn’t worried about constraints, and he actively looks for ways to get around them.

He is having fun, in spite of taking risks.

What about you?

Do you let fear of what might happen stop you from trying, rather than thinking of what might be possible?

Do you stay stuck because you’re worried about what other people may think?

Do you look at constraints and see them as obstacles rather than opportunities to figure things out?

Do you have fun when you take on something that is completely out of your comfort zone?

Being a business owner can be scary and risky, and if you let that stop you, you’ll never realize your dreams or your true potential.

Your #dreams and potential are far more important than your fears. Share on X

Stop being afraid. Borrow some courage from someone else and next time, instead of letting the term “squirrel” mean distraction, use it to drum up every ounce of brave you’ve got.

I challenge you to do one thing that scares you today. Leave a comment and let me know what you did.


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