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Six Simple Ways To Promote Your Facebook Page

People are always asking me for ways to promote their Facebook Page so they can grow their community.

Recently when I was doing some research for my Facebook Ads training program, I read that a customer connected to your Facebook Page spends an average of double the one who is not connected so – time to get connected.

Here are a few simple things you might want to try!Lisa-6-Ways-to-Promote

1. Add your Facebook URL to your business card.  If you have a long Facebook URL, try forwarding your website to your page.  For example, you could make it and that could be redirected to your actual Facebook Page.

2. Put your Facebook URL on all of your Social Networking profiles.  Yes, all of them.  With Facebook being so popular, many people want to know where to find you on Facebook and your job is to make it easy for them.

3.  Use Facebook Ads or Promoted Page Posts.  You can now target friends of the people who like your page using Promoted Posts.  I have been using this feature a lot and have found in some cases I get ten times the number of views for $5.

4. Put a Facebook Like box on your website and ensure it is set up to show friend faces.  You don’t need the big box with the newsfeed but you do want to show a row or two of faces. This is the number one way I get new likes on my page.

5. Engage your peeps! If you have a team, ask them to share your page, to edit their profiles so they are connected and make sharing Facebook part of what you do to build community.  That leads to the next one…

6. Share great content.  The best way to get people to interact and share is to always provide them with great content on your Facebook page.  Try and keep your content in line with the theme of your page and share pictures, videos, blog content etc.  If you share great content, others will comment and share leading more of the people they know to your page.

Now your homework – do a bit of self promoting right here on my blog. Share a link to your page in the comments below. We want to see!


9 thoughts on “Six Simple Ways To Promote Your Facebook Page”

  1. Thank you so much Lisa for your tips! This is an area I need to work on… As I visit hotels around the globe, it is a great place for visuals. Our company negotiates hotel contracts for clients at no cost and mitigates risk. Our retention is awesome as once they experience the service – they love it.

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