Shop Talk – How To Add Your Picture When You Comment On Blogs

You may be wondering why your picture does not show up every time you leave a comment on a blog post.  Your picture does not show up because you have not set up your Gravatar.

Your Gravatar is the universal Avatar that allows the internet to recognize who you are based on the email address you use every time you post a comment on a blog.

This is one of the most popular training videos I have done on how to set up your Gravatar.  The reason you want a gravatar is because it allows people to easily recognize and identify with you when you comment on a blog post as well as link back to your and your website.

I have noticed that, although I have shared this before, there are still a number of people without a Gravatar commenting on my blog. Are you one of them?

Leave a comment below to see if your photo shows up or not. If it doesn’t, got to Gravatar and set it up and then come back and try again. Sometimes it can take a few hours for Gravatar to update so, don’t be worried if it doesn’t work immediately.




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