Responsiveness Is A Business Strategy

Responsiveness is a business strategy.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve noticed a trend that has exacerbated the loss of income for small businesses: that trend is responsiveness – or the lack thereof.

There’s a store in our community that we regularly buy from. We’ve always communicated with them via Facebook messenger to place our order. When we first came back to Nova Scotia, I placed an order that was close to $600—and they forgot about me.

A few weeks ago, I messaged the same business with another order, it was not a small one either. I still haven’t heard back, so I made my purchase elsewhere.

I asked someone to design something for me in June. They asked if they could do it in July, I haven’t heard from them either. I’ve since found another person to design what I was looking for.

Your #customers won’t chase you. It’s not their responsibility to follow up with you on an order they have already placed. Share on X

Respond quick. It is a business strategy, and it is your responsibility.

Your customers won’t chase you. It’s not their responsibility to follow up with you on an order they have already placed.

This is your responsibility as a business owner. Keeping track of your customers and being responsive is a key differentiator in today’s world.

Those who do it thrive. Those who don’t struggle to survive.

Oresta - Business Strategy - Lisa Larter

Take Oresta Organic Skincare for example. This is a small portion of my ever-growing collection from Oresta, including a handwritten note that can be found in every box.

Three things Oresta does that make me keep buying:

1. She is responsive. Anytime I ask a question she is quick to respond and recommend a product.

2. She sends samples. I love the samples she sends because they entice me into buying more.

3. She packages her products in the loveliest way so when you receive them, with a handwritten note, you feel like it’s a gift packed with care just for you.

And of course, the products are awesome— but that’s a given! These three things make Oresta stand out as a small business.

Responsiveness doesn’t mean immediately. It means having a system so you can respond to customer inquiries within a reasonable time frame.

Responsiveness requires you to be responsible for managing your leads and your business pipeline.

When you fail to do this, your customers shop elsewhere and likely never return.

When you do it well, you gain referrals and repeat business.

Responsiveness is a business strategy. Disorganization is a business killer.

Responsiveness is a business #strategy. Disorganization is a #business killer. Share on X

How are you ensuring you’re staying responsive and organized in your business?


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