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Stop Rationalizing Fear

Jack Canfield describes fear as “Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real” in his book The Success Principles. Reading about how he helps people turn their fears into powerful goals they can accomplish, got me to thinking about you, your business, and the fear you might be feeling as the year comes to a close.

You might be afraid to…

  • Raise your prices.
  • Invest in yourself.
  • Do a video for marketing.
  • Get on a stage and speak.
  • Ask for a referral or a testimonial.
  • Try a new technology.
  • Say no to someone.

All of these fears stop us from doing what we really want. Most of the business owners I talk to want to…

  • Raise their prices and improve their profits.
  • Invest in themselves and hire a coach, advisor or team member to help them grow.rawpixel-570908-unsplash
  • Use video and put themselves out there to attract more customers.
  • Get on stage and tell their story in front of a large audience and make an impact.
  • Receive regular referrals and testimonials.
  • Utilize technology to simplify the work they do.
  • Confidently say no to the things that they really don’t want to do.

They want these things but they rationalize what might happen in a negative context by telling themselves, if I…

  • Raise my prices, I will lose business.
  • Invest in myself, it might not pay off.
  • Do video, I might look dumb.
  • Speak on stage, I might forget what I want to say.
  • Ask for a referral or testimonial, they might say no.
  • Try new technology, I might not be able to figure out how to use it.
  • Say no, they might not like me.

Every single one of these statements is rationalizing what you want most.

As we wrap up this year, I want to challenge you to really look at what you’re afraid of in your business and instead, ask yourself what is possible and how might you feel if the outcome was positive.

What if you…

  • Raised your prices, and attracted MORE customers.
  • Invested in yourself and grew your business to the highest level it’s ever been.
  • Did a video and people loved it.
  • Spoke on a stage and people started offering to pay you to speak.
  • Asked for a referral and testimonial and started getting one every single month.
  • Tried new technology and you gained tons of free time.
  • Said no and they understood, and you felt POWERFUL.

There is only one thing that stands between you and everything you want.


YOU are the only thing that stands between where you are now and everything you want. #Entrepreneurship Share on X

This holiday season, I encourage you to face your fears and decide…what do you want the next year of your life to look like and then do something you’ve never done before.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Leave me a comment and let me know, what is one thing you want 2019 to bring in your life and business?


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