Do This One Thing To Increase Sales

Do This One Thing To Increase Sales

Almost every single business owner that I talk has the same question, “How do I move the needle in my business and increase sales?”

What I have discovered over the last 10 years of working with people is that one fundamental problem gets in the way of most business owners generating more sales in their business. The good news is, it’s really easy to fix with this one bright idea…

You need to learn how to sell if you want to increase sales and I can help.

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Your mindset around selling is critical – if you want to increase sales you’re going to need to examine it closely.

There are mindset issues that come along with pricing, asking for the sale, and fear of. When you’re asking somebody to buy, you’re putting yourself on the line, and your big fragile ego does not like it when somebody says no. Change is hard, I get that, but if you want to increase sales and you don’t know how to sell (or you don’t like to sell), you’re going to have to change that.

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Often, we get verbal diarrhea at the first sign of a sale and we end up talking the customer right out of buying. If you haven’t done this yourself when trying to sell, you’ve almost certainly experienced it as a customer. You end up irritated enough to walk away from the very thing you wanted to buy.

As a business owner, you need to invest in learning how to sell if you want to increase sales. If you were an auto mechanic, you wouldn’t open an auto mechanic business unless you knew how to fix cars, it would be kind of silly if you didn’t know how to do the work, right? Well, if you are an entrepreneur and you don’t know how to sell, that is a problem.

The Basic Skills to Increase Sales

Improving your ability to sell starts with these basic concepts, but you’ll need to go a lot deeper than this to really move the needle:

• You need to be able to build rapport with people because if you can’t build rapport with people, you just lost the sale at hello.
• You need to be able to ask really good questions, and understand what their needs are because if you don’t know what their needs are, you’re telling, and telling isn’t selling.
• You need to be able to present a solution to their needs. That is one of the first things you do when it comes to selling. Present me something that is what I’m looking for. If I’m looking for a red car, don’t show me a black car because I want red.
• You need to master the art of overcoming and anticipating objections. Some objections you’re going to need to face head on, money, price, not a good fit for me, I need to think about it, maybe I need to ask my husband. You need to be prepared to overcome some of those objections so that you can close the deal right then and there.
• You need to know how to actually ask for the sale. That takes courage, and it takes confidence. If you’re not confident about what you’re selling, then chances are you’re not going to be able to close the deal.

I don’t care if you’re selling widgets, high end coaching programs, or a conditioning treatment in the hair salon – you need to master the art of selling in order to increase sales. If you’re not confident about what you’re asking a potential customer to spend their money on, chances are, you’re not going to be able to persuade them to say yes.

You Can Learn How To Sell

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If you improve your sales skills, you will improve your conversion rate, and by improving your conversion rate, you will increase your sales!

Leave a comment and tell me what are you going to do to become a better salesperson? Or let me know what is the one thing that you find most difficult about selling – I might be able to help.


2 thoughts on “Do This One Thing To Increase Sales”

  1. As usual, Lisa this is right on target! The wonderful woman who takes care of my current clients and new inquires has just flown south for a week long vacation and I’m stepping in. Thanks for this video, it was a good reminder that the business owner is always the VP of Sales. Can’t wait to get on the phone, listen to some needs, put what we do forward and see what happens 🙂 PS Thank you for taking the ick out of selling for so many of us who serve other with heart! xo

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