10 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Get More Facebook Likes

Every single day on Facebook there are 2.7 billion likes.

No, that isn’t a typo. 2.7 billion times a day, the “like” button is clicked on a page, image, status, video, etc.

So, here’s a question for you. Are YOU doing anything “likeable” on Facebook these days?

Facebook LikesWith numbers like that you must be wondering why it’s so hard to get more likes. Why is it that so many pages, posts and images go unviewed, unshared and unliked?

People want to be seen and heard. They click “like” to show support, to be a part of the conversation and to voice their opinion. They even wear shirts with a Facebook thumb to let everyone know that they like things on Facebook!

So it should be easy, right? You should be able to post, get engagement, likes and have fun but because this is not happening for you every day, I am guessing you might like some help.

I am guessing this may be part of your problem. What exactly is it you are sharing? Are you so focused on getting people to like you that you have forgotten to  – give them something likable?

Here are ten ridiculously simple tips I have found that work and that you can implement starting right NOW:

1. Setup your Facebook page so that it is easy to get more information about you. Don’t have a crazy busy cover image that screams “Buy My Stuff”. Share about yourself, your business and ensure that your “about” section is full of information about who you are and what you do, as well as a link to your website.

2. Add your like box to your website using the Facebook Plugin. You will see this like box on the right hand side of my website on every page.

3. Post content daily. So many pages I see have been owner abandoned. They start off with the best of intentions but there is no plan in place to keep the activity going. Treat your page as you would any marketing plan within your business and give it the attention it needs to make it work.  And by the way when I say post content daily, I don’t just mean smiley pictures of yourself.  Remember, we want content people can consume and like!

4. Don’t over do it. If you are posting content too often people will unlike your page because they will see it is disruptive to everything else that is going on in there news feed. My recommendation is post a maximum of three – four times a day (morning, afternoon, evening) and a absolute minimum of once a day. (Don’t forget to reply to comments too – see #7!)

5. Post something good! Create a plan to share content, photos, videos, questions etc. Create variety for people and aim for engagement with your existing community versus just trying to acquire new likes. If you get your existing community is talking to you on your page, they will be marketing your page to their friends via their own news feeds for you.

6. Use Facebook as your page rather than your profile and comment and interact with other pages on a regular basis. I regularly gain new subscribers and receive comments from people who saw me commenting on other pages as my page.

7. Respond to people! When people do start to comment on your page acknowledge them, engage them and keep the dialogue going. Be likable!

8. Read Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki. This book is amazing! You can learn a LOT about being likable in this book.

9. Pay attention to what works. Too often we have our heads down being busy and we fail to take a look and see what is working. Pay attention to what works so you can do more of it. Your Facebook page has great analytics that make this easy. Learn how to use your analytics because it will help you to focus on what your community likes and the more your community likes and engages with your content the more visibility you get in the news feed.

10. Press like if this was helpful – serious.  When you ask people to leave a comment or press like if they agree, you will be surprised to see how many respond. Don’t do it all the time, that get’s annoying, but every once in a while ask people to leave a comment, opinion, to share if your content adds value because sometimes people hesitate, (yes they do) before sharing because they are not sure if it is okay.  I have seen people ASK in the comments for permission to share.

As a business owner learning how to use Facebook is key to engaging with people.  If you are unsure about how to use Facebook and would like to learn more, check out this new training program that we just released from The Social Business Academy on How to Set up Your Facebook Profile and Page.

Wait …. before you go! One last thing…

Share with me in the comments – What ideas do you have? What makes you like a page? Do you like mine 😉


22 thoughts on “10 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Get More Facebook Likes”

  1. Thanks for this con side guide to how to build fans. Happy to say I have been doing all these pointers (except dont have like plugin on my website-not yet). I built my page from 250 in Oct to 800 in April doing these actions. The most important ones for me has been creating my own original posts that are visually appealing, being consistent & engaging through comments.

    You closed with a great one- Do you like mine? It had me click & I am now a fan of yours. I don’t know how to make that a link, so Ill ask this way- Do you like mine? >)

  2. When content hits home and really resinates with me… I like it for sure. That, and when it provides good advice/information that is useful. Not only do I like it I share it too.

  3. When content hits home and really resinates with me… I like it for sure. That, and when it provides good advice/information that is useful. Not only do I like it I share it too.

  4. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for all of the tips! I’m having some trouble with #6. When I log in as my business name I don’t see anything in my newsfeed so I can’t comment on anything. I’ve begun searching my friends pages and can’t comment but I’ve started searching other business pages and looks as though I can like and comment. Am I on the right track here?

    Thank you!

    1. You are on the right track, you have to like pages as your page. I usually log in as me, go to my page, click edit page and select “Use page as….” and then I go and find the pages I want to like. Once you like them, you will see them in your newsfeed.

    2. Hi Michelle,

      Even when I’m in as “me” I like pages as me and my page at the same time. You like it as you, then on the right hand side by the message button there’s an arrow. The drop down of that arrow allows you to like it as your page without ever having to switch over.
      Love the not switching back and forth and it’s sooo efficient.

  5. Thanks Lisa. Good timing for me to read this as I take over the mgmt of social media for my new employer. Aiming to engage and inform but always from a light positive tone. Proudly since I took this on the FB page has gained 100 more Likes and the insights clearly show growth in all segments. Always worried that I might post too often so appreciate the 3 times per day suggestion. Cheers Lynn.
    PS your shop talk videos are awesome !

  6. Thanks, Lisa. I usually like a page when there’s something that I feel I can associate with or a cause that I feel like supporting 😉

  7. Hello Lisa, I just ‘found’ you today. I’m relatively new to this social media stuff and I appreciate your generous sharing. You not only know your stuff, but you are wonderfully gifted with such a warm, gentle and authentic way of communicating that stuff with others as well. I’m grateful for your insights and recommendations and I want you to know that you have encouraged me to persevere through the discomfort stage I now recognize I’m stuck in. (I picked that up from one of your videos.) I’ve enjoyed ‘meeting and spending time with you’ today! As you requested, I wanted to comment as much and also thank you too! Blessings,

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