Greatness takes time 1

Greatness Takes Time

Whatever your goals are for your life and business, the one thing you must remember is that greatness takes time. You can’t do it all in a 90 day year, or mistakenly go from zero to hero in 12 months.  Every day people underestimate the amount of effort and work that is required for greatness.

This past weekend, I spoke at the CAPS National Convention in Ottawa.  The topic I spoke on was called Supersize Your Business.  If you want to supersize your business, this blog post is for you.

Supersizing takes time.

It doesn’t happen overnight, it takes years of practice, dedication, and commitment.  In my talk, I showed a video my team created on a very well known entrepreneur and influencer and how they’ve grown into greatness from when they shot their first video in 2006.  You can watch it here.

This individual has been committed to hard work day in and day out and has never wavered on their path.  Whether you like him or not, no one can argue his success, and when you watch this video, you will really see the transformation that has taken place over the last decade.

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A few things came up at the convention on the topic of greatness that I thought you might find valuable.

1. Too many people do a thousand different things one time and expect success.  

Instead, you must do one thing a thousand times and strive for mastery.  Don’t give up on your newsletter after five tries because it doesn’t generate a lead. Don’t stop blogging or creating video after a few tries because it hasn’t gained traction yet.  You must be committed to the long-term success of your business if you ever want to realize greatness.  It doesn’t happen overnight.

2. It’s hard work. 

Most people are not prepared to put the level of effort in to realize the results that most successful people have.  When you look around at the people who have built really successful and profitable businesses, you can usually spot a theme.  They are consistent.  They are consistent in investing in their own growth and development, in creating content, in marketing their business, in delivering value to their customers and in building relationships.  Consistency over a long period of time helps you to build success.

3. The journey is more important than the destination.  

Michael Hughes has been chair of the CAPS Foundation for the last nine years. He was given an award for his contribution at the foundation night.  When he walked up on stage, I was teary-eyed thinking about the leader this man has been, how committed he has been to supporting this organization, not to mention how many of the lives in the room, he has changed. When you see people like Michael, one thing stands out, people are capable of greatness over long periods of time.  You are capable of greatness over a long period of time if only, you stay the path longer than a few moments.

As we move into a new year, I encourage you to think about the next decade and not the next 12 months.

WHO are you becoming?

It doesn’t matter so much if it takes 5 years, 10 years or the next 20, the person you are becoming is shaped by every action and decision you make today.  If you want to become a better person and build a better business, shift your awareness to the importance of each small detail, which over a long period of time, adds up to a great big massive impact.


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