Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations

Lisa Larter - LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations

Have you received a recommendation or a request to endorse someone on LinkedIn but aren’t sure what to do? I mean, is there even really a difference?

Your LinkedIn profile is a critical part of your business because it is often considered the most professional of all the social networking sites. LinkedIn is used by companies and entrepreneurs worldwide to create and manage connections and for finding out more about the people they are doing business with or hiring.

It’s also important to make sure that you are only giving endorsements and recommendations for people you have worked with because your name is connected to that endorsement or recommendation so it can be a reflection on you if you recommend someone and they don’t live up to the expectation.

As mentioned in the video, if you watch my Shoptalk Videos on a regular basis and feel that the information I share would be a good fit for others, please Click Here and write a recommendation for me on my LinkedIn profile.

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3 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations”

  1. This post really hit home. I have met people through FB groups (not your program) who don’t know me out of that group. They go to my LinkedIn profile and endorse me for things I either don’t know how to do or don’t like doing at all. Amazes me sometimes. Another time, I was asked for a recommendation from someone who was in one of my Linkedin Groups and had made the occasional comments in the group. A couple days ago I get an email through LinkedIn from him asking if I could recommend him. Why? I don’t know him and will never use his services either. That’s my rant for the morning.

  2. Debborah Evraire

    The entire “free for all” recommendations and/or endorsements that are happening on LinkedIn, are in fact, diminishing the creditability of this platform. I have received endorsements/recommendations from people who don’t even know me or the quality of my work. I have actually taken some time and deleted endorsements/recommendations received from some people who have no “professional relationship to me”. I am sensing that a new attitude has been growing within the “LinkedIn” world….you scratch my back and I will scratch yours!

    This is really unfortunate.

  3. Thanks Lisa! Easy doesn’t always mean real does it!? Easy click here and a few words there… I hadn’t thought about the difference between recommending and endorsing and this is very clear! Thanks so much.

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