Vet’s Orders: Why Business Owners Need Crate Rest

It started with a bunny. Eddy jumped, (which is completely out of the norm for him), it startled Sunshine, and she yelped, then yelped again. And I knew she was headed for her crate. She had hurt something in her back.

Back issues are common to dachshunds, and this is not the first time this has happened. It’s the second time I’ve spent half a day in an emergency room with her, and it’s the second time she’s been prescribed pain meds and extended crate rest.

Do You Need Crate Rest?

The breed is prone to what is called IVDD, which stands for Intervertebral Disk Disease. This happens when the discs that separate the bones in the spine from rubbing on each other break down or get damaged. It can be super painful and lead to paralysis and the need for surgery in some dogs.

Eddy and Gretchen both had to have surgery for this caused by injuries to their spines when they were younger.

But what does this have to do with you?f78b777f-4fc0-4ff8-bcd5-303881a5128a

Well, first let’s talk about crate rest. Crate rest is used as a way to force the dog to rest, avoid movement, and allow for healing. Essentially, they have to face the problem, and not do anything to aggravate it until it is better.

In business, many entrepreneurs are prone to conditions that can cause paralysis and pain too.

Some of the things I’ve seen that cause this to happen are :

  • Lack of strategy
  • Lack of financial acuity
  • Lack of procedures
  • Lack of support

So, as Sunshine lies in her crate, facing the music of healing, it occurred to me that a self-imposed rest for entrepreneurs to resolve what ails them could also be beneficial.

What would happen if you finally took a day and mapped out your strategy for next year? What would happen if you finally sat down with someone and spent some serious time getting comfortable with your numbers?

What would happen if you created clear processes and procedures for how things get done in your business so you no longer have to reinvent the wheel each time? 

What would happen if you hired a coach, business advisor, assistant, and/or found a community of like-minded owners to support you?

What would happen if you took a day to map out your strategy, sat down to get comfortable with your numbers, created a clear process for how things get done in your #business, hired a coach, or found a community to support you? Share on X

I am guessing, just like with Sunshine, the pain would go away and you’d likely prevent paralysis from setting in.

As we get close to the end of this year, I want to invite you to consider, “What needs to change for next year to be the change you seek in your business?”

That’s a big question—one that likely requires at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to ponder with a pen and pad of paper while your Smartphone takes a nap.

If I can help in any way, you know how to reach me.

If you’re looking for community, join the waitlist for The Strategy Lab here.


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