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Bad Assery – In Your Life And Business

“Bad Assery” comes from Brené Brown’s book, Rising Strong, which is resonating strongly with me as I dive into it. I am one of her biggest fans – I love, love, love her work! When she wrote The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are I read it, then I went back to the bookstore and bought 5 more copies for women who are really important to me.

The work that Brené Brown does around perfection, imperfection, vulnerability and blame is just amazing. Rising Strong came out and I downloaded the audiobook right away! Before she even gets to chapter one of the things she discusses is what she calls “bad assery”. She talks about how the world needs more “bad assery” and how more people need to show up and make a difference.

She’s not talking about tough guys in leather; she’s talking about people who are not afraid to be vulnerable. People who can lift themselves up after bad things have happened after they’ve made mistakes and owned them, who dust themselves off and literally just keep going.

As I was listening, it struck me how social media is all about perfectionism. It’s all about the likes – I use the term egopreneur. Do not be an egopreneur. Be an entrepreneur. Listening to her book this morning and how the world needs more people who are not living a safe life, but who are playing fully, who are showing up, people who are not afraid. The world needs more people who use their own mistakes and challenges in business as meaningful lessons to help others along.

The world needs more people who use their own mistakes and #challenges in #business as lessons. Share on X

We need more people who share their vulnerability and less people who keep trying to tell us how easy it all is. It’s not. Being an entrepreneur is hard work. Sometimes it is messy, awful and feels terrible. The key is to rise up, rise again and not quit.

If you want to participate in a group of entrepreneurs who are exploring their own “Bad Assery” then you can join others and myself in my Facebook group.



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