Are Your Numbers a Nightmare?

She said… “We need reporting on all of this!”

The moment is clear in my mind because it brought up two very different emotions for me.

I was working for a start-up telecommunications company, leading a retail team and we did not have any reporting set up in order to see what was going on in our business on a daily or weekly basis.

The idea of getting regular reporting was exciting and intimidating leaving me suddenly feeling exposed.  What if the reporting said my work wasn’t good enough?

Lisa Larter - Are Your Numbers a Nightmare?Do you feel that way about the numbers in your business? Because if you do, you are not alone.

Do you often think if you take the time to look at them you might not be happy with what you see and that the picture might be bleaker than your intuition says?

Does the thought of not completely understanding how to interpret those numbers make you feel like you are not the business person you “should” be?

In working with 100s of business owners I have found a startling trend – for the most part, your numbers are a nightmare.

When asked the following questions, do your eyes glaze over?  Do you immediately feel there are a bunch of reasons why this information is not readily available to you or do you rationalize how your business is different?

How do you really feel about these questions? Can you answer them easily?


  • What did your business do in sales last year?
  • How are you doing against last year’s sales year to date?
  • Were your sales last month up or down over the previous month?
  • What is your gross profit?
  • What is your net profit?
  • What are your fixed monthly costs?
  • What is the absolute minimum you need to do to break even?

If these questions make you feel a bit squeamish, you need to know you are not alone because this is the norm, not the exception.  I have worked with 100s of people who have never been taught how to track or interpret the numbers in their business and the end result is they are operating their business blindfolded financially.

We’ve all heard the alarming statistics:

Most businesses fail within the first 5 years.  Less than 5% of women earn over 100K a year, even less again over 1M.

This is why…

This happens because you are not immersed in the metrics that matter when it comes to measuring success in your business.

This is the number one reason I started The Pilot Project because every time someone would ask me for help with Social Media, we’d always end up looking at their numbers.  How on earth can you measure the success of social media if you don’t even know where you are at?

When you learn to measure what matters in your business,  you take back control in your business because the next step becomes clear and obvious to you.  It is as though someone turned the lights on and you can clearly see what your reality is and the path to changing it.

Are you ready to change and take back control?

Come immerse yourself in the numbers in a safe environment so you have the tools you need to take your business to the next level. Click Here to Join Us


2 thoughts on “Are Your Numbers a Nightmare?”

  1. In the corporate world numbers reporting I hated because you truly were not sure what the numbers reported were going to be used to measure…I saw time after time how they were manipulated. That said…this is my business and I want to know each month, because after 18 months in business I have trends and facts to make decisions with. Each time I work with them I uncover great information.

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