Are You Being Judged On Facebook?

I’ve been preparing for our upcoming webinar on the Brand of You on Facebook and this blog post ended up in my inbox via Mashable:Judge a Page by its Cover - Lisa Larter

The title: How We Judge People By Their Facebook Cover Photo

Is your brand ready for this? Are you ready for this?

Come on – be honest and….click the like button on this blog post if you are guilty…

At least once in the last 30 days (maybe even in the last 24 hours?) you have logged into Facebook and looked at some photo, some link or some video that someone has shared in your news feed and made an instant judgement about that person.  Maybe it was a little something like this…

“OMG I can’t believe she said that, what was she thinking”

“Wow, that’s a bad picture of her, I wouldn’t have shared that if it were me.”

“Look, she spelled that word wrong! Duh.”

“Single again huh? Maybe she should stop posting her relationship status.”

or maybe it was “I can’t believe she got so many fricken comments by saying something so dumb!”

It’s ok, you can admit it. Your secret is safe with me.

You have judged…or you have friends who have judged, and it’s been recently too.  It happens all the time.

We judge people based on how they look, what they do, and what they say.  How can you NOT make judgements?

In fact, truth be told, our brain is WIRED to notice what is different.  We can’t help but see what stands out and when something is just a little off…We judge.

The question you should be asking yourself right now is:  How can you turn those judgements into something positive? How can you make the impression one that garners you brand recognition?

We went deep into this topic during the Facebook Branding Webinar, and we are going to go through all the ways the new Facebook Timeline can help.  But, in the meantime I want you to consider this:

What impressions do these three things make right now?

1. Your cover photo

2. Your profile picture (please don’t let it be of your dog. I know, my mom does that but hey – she’s not in business!)

3. Your last status update

Now that you have looked at these three things – tell me, does it tell the story of your brand you want it to tell?




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