Are You A Business Fraidy Cat

Are You A Business Fraidy Cat?

Many of us have fears that we come up against in our business and our lives. Have you ever found yourself behaving like Fraidy Cat in your business?

I’ve been a fraidy cat and, just like you, I sometimes still am. I work on banishing my inner fraidy cat every single day.

Think about every single thing you are afraid of in your business.

I’m going to guess that the things you think about are a fear of trying because you might not know how to do something. I’m guessing that you are afraid of failing because God forbid you try something and then you fail. I’m guessing you might even be afraid of succeeding because what happens if you try something and it works. My goodness, your life might actually change because you’re making such a big difference! That’s scary too.

There are probably some fears of losing, or of competition. Maybe you won’t be number one, maybe you’ll only be number three…what a scary proposition that is!

There’s bound to be fear of missing out so you stay busy paying attention to what everyone else is doing, and surely some fear of embarrassment. There could be a fear of not being good enough or that you’re a fraud or an imposter believing you shouldn’t be doing what you do. Or maybe you’re afraid of letting other people down because you just don’t want to disappoint anyone. Or that people will think you’re only doing this for the money.

Maybe there is fear that you’re charging too much or a fear of raising prices because OMG – what if I do that and lose ALL of my business? What will happen then? The sky might fall…

Do you see where I’m going with all of this? I need you to call yourself on this garbage!

Everyone is afraid.

Do you remember when you were a child and you were afraid there was a monster under the bed or in the closet? You’d turn the light on and you could see there was no monster. When you got older you realized that fear was silly, that really there are no such things as monsters and you stopped being afraid of monsters.

Well, it’s time to stop being afraid.

It’s time to stop fearing things in your business that may never, ever, happen.

So what if you try and it doesn’t work the first time.

So what if you fail and you learn something along the way.

So what if you succeed, you’ll be able to do lots of great things.

So what if you lose out to your competition on a deal.

You can try again!

We need to stop being so afraid that we focus all of our attention on the things we fear and none on the things we actually want.

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Stop paying attention to all the garbage in the world that promotes fear and start paying attention to your dreams. Focus on all the possibilities that you want for your life. If all you do is focus on all of the negative going on in the world, you’re filling your brain with monsters just like you did as a child. And those monsters will eat your possibilities.

Don’t focus on the worst thing that could happen in your life – focus on the BEST thing that could happen in your life!

If you don’t have money quit focusing on the fact that you don’t have any money – instead focus on the fact that you’re trying to earn more money. If you don’t have any customers, don’t focus on you don’t have any customers, focus on the fact that you are trying to get some customers. If you don’t know how to do something, focus on the fact that you are learning.

You get to choose HOW you think.

Shift the negative into the positive.

Until you realize that you have 100% control over shifting your thoughts, you’re going to be stuck thinking about the same garbage and seeing the same outcomes. It doesn’t matter what it is – you get to choose what you think about.

Change your thoughts and you’ll change your life.

I’m not saying that we don’t have bad days, or that some of your fears aren’t real. What I am saying is that you need to stop obsessing about the things that could go wrong. Become obsessed with what could go right!

Leave me a comment telling me 10 things you have accomplished that at one point in your life you thought you never would. Did you learn how to ride a bike? Speak in front of a crowd? Ask for more money when offered a job?

What about 10 things that you’ve do really well in the past week? Or 10 things that you’ve done to make a difference in another person’s life?

Choose to focus on the positive.

Mindset – that is all that this is. How you think impacts how you feel, how you feel impacts how you act.

Changing how you think changes how you feel, which changes how you act. Share on X

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