An Unexpected Way to Find Your Passion

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Are you searching for your passion or purpose when it comes to your business?

What if I told you there’s no secret to finding it, that there’s no long, drawn out exercise or week-long retreat needed to search within yourself and find your passion?

My opinion on this subject may not be the popular one but I believe that you have everything you need, right this very second to figure out your passion and begin using that to grow your business and make more money today.

It really only takes one simple thing…

“If you are searching for your passion, start by being passionate about what you are doing right now and you will find it.”<—Click to Tweet

Watch this week’s Shop Talk video to find out how this can help and then tell me, how did you find your passion or are you just passionate?

Having the right tools and processes are one of the things that I’m passionate about when it comes to my business and I review these in detail in my new ebook: “Get Results for Your Business Using Online Marketing”. Check it out here:


5 thoughts on “An Unexpected Way to Find Your Passion”

  1. I have always loved the work I have done. Always been a high performer, well respected sucessful on all levels. A career civil servant, more than 4 years ago my position was eliminated. Suddenly I was surplus and efforts to find a spot for me began. The end result after a few months of uncertainty placed me outside of government in an NGO. Within the first week, people would ask me if I liked my new spot (which from my perspective was a most unlikely match in a field I knew little about) and it just popped out, it felt like winning the lottery and getting to eat chocolate all day long! It was not necessarily clear to me why this was so, about 2 years later I completed a psychometric tool which provided insight and language to direct me more specifically to those areas where work didn’t feel like work, really was a hobby! So I agree you can love or be passionate about what ever you do, at the same time I now know when you find the PERFECT match, you will never look back! Thanks for the post.

  2. Thanks for this Lisa. It’s a different approach than what is heard in the mainstream today, however, I like it. It’s a common sense approach that makes a lot of sense. I will do my best to apply it to the new jobs I am walking into :)

  3. In addition to being an avid gardening, I have been writing a daily journal since I was 12 years old. Last August 2012, Richard Branson and The B Team issued a worldwide challenge to create a better business plan. I have been retired for 19 years. They really motivated to do something, so I wrote a book: “Sustainable Food for the Globe, One Square Foot at a Time”. Now my book is a best seller, and last week it was picked up by the Dean of Agriculture at the Open University in Zambia to use in his master classes. So many doors have opened and opportunities keep coming my way daily just because I started focusing on one challenge and from there my passion bloomed and really took off.

  4. THANK YOU BARB! You’ve lifted a great load from me. I too, have not “discovered my passion”. But I do believe we are to grow where we’re planted & “life” should be our passion.

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