The Magical Power Of Your Personality

The Magical Power Of Your Personality

I was driving into work and I came over the mountain and down into the valley where the town of Annapolis Royal is nestled against the shore, it began to rain. As turned into the town to head to my office I looked to my left and I saw the most beautiful rainbow.

It occurred to me in that moment – while I was looking at this beautiful rainbow – that somebody else was grumbling about the rain.

So what about you? Do you see the beautiful rainbow, or do you grumble about the rain?

That is the magic of your personality.

There is a tale of two dogs that circulates on Facebook every so often…

The two dogs are sent into a mirrored room. The first dog goes into the room and is greeted by hundreds of happy dogs, all wagging their tails and ready to play. He comes out of the room happy with the experience. The second dog goes into the room and is greeted by hundreds of dogs that are snarling and fearful, and ready to snap at everything. He comes out agitated and unhappy with his experience. Each dog was alone in the mirrored room – they were being greeted by their own personality being reflected back at themselves in the mirrors.

How they saw themselves in that room is how others see them.

Ask yourself, how do you show up? How do others respond to you?

Are you the dog that shows up fearful and snarling? Or, are you the dog that brings joy and lightness into each of your encounters?

That is the magic and the power of your personality and your personality is your personal brand.

How you choose to show up and how you choose to demonstrate your personality affects the amount of business you get. People want to work with people they know, like and trust.

Be the person who sees the rainbow, not the rain.

How do first impressions impact your desire to do business with someone? Share your experiences or questions with a comment below.


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